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Gerard Butler GALS

Regarding Razzi Pics

Dr. Em

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While we at GALS love every little picture we have the chance to ogle, and especially the candid ones of him in his everyday life, and we have had a somewhat relaxed stance to paparazzi pictures, recent events have convinced us that we need to tighten the rules a bit when there is an obvious intrusion of Gerry's privacy.

We will continue to allow razzi pictures, but we vow to be more diligent regarding allowing the posting of pics in which G is obviously irritated, G's privacy has been invaded and/or are intrusive in any way, and that we'd appreciate the membership's assistance with this.

We all know that G is a big boy and he knew what he was getting himself into when he signed up to be an actor. Therefore, he knows many of the pictures taken of him without his permission will find there way into the public's eye. However, there are instances when this has gotten out of hand and the results are not pretty.

We can only do so much to help ensure his privacy. I have proposed that if we know about the circumstances involved in "getting the shot," and they are bad, we need to just say "no" and not post them to the gallery or site. As Gerry said in the recent Men's Health issue, in his steps for beating stress: "Let go of what you can't control" and "Don't hold back with the stuff you can control." We cannot shelter, protect, or otherwise guard G's best interests on other sites across the vast world wide web, but we can do our darnedest to do exactly that on GALS.

Please understand that we are only human and we, too, make mistakes. We will gauge each picture, individually, and make a determination from there.

How can you can help us? If you are thinking of posting pics in a new or existing thread, but you have a feeling that it may be set invisible due to content, then just say NO! Don't post the pic, but instead send it to a Mod so that we can make a determination prior to you posting said pic.

We are all connected, and it takes the efforts of each individual member to make this or any proposal, a success. This is a work in progress, and hope you each will do your part to help us as we aspire to have only G's best interests at heart. Thank you very much!


Dayna and the Mod Squad

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