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VOTING!!! Homage to Gerry Contest


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Welcome to the Gals Getting Ready for G's B-day (round 2) -Homage to Gerry Contest!

You may vote for ONE entry and ONE entry ONLY, by sending a PM (personal message) to me (Jenn) by 12 NOON Pacific Time on October 31 th. You cannot send in proxy votes. In other words, you can't send me a PM telling me that you're also sending me so-and-so's vote. So-and-so needs to PM me themselves. Those entering in the contest are also welcome to vote! Happy voting!

You are voting for the best combination of visual and wording as an Homage to Gerry

Please PM the NUMBER of the entry you are Voting for!!

1. Posted Image

2. Posted Image

3. Posted Image


A handsome man, a clever man, a man with many charms,

A man who wrapped himself in another woman's arms.

He had a wife and family but they to him were separate

He didn't understand his wife was getting ever desperate.

His deceit came back to haunt him and he paid a heavy price

For being so deceitful he lost his ordered life.

She made him suffer agonies and brought him to his knees

When all was done he knew that he never more would please.

His wife no longer wanted him; so he was cast adrift

Into that world which in his need had given him short shrift.

At last he knew how she had felt; how hurt and quite alone

He also knew that he would be unable to atone.

4. Posted Image

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Wow! GALS, y'all always amaze me by your incredible, beautiful visions of our Gerry. :yay: These creations are wonderful!

But, y'all make it is so hard to pick just one.

:clap: :clap: :clap:Posted Image to all of you

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