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11/6 - Lakeshore Ent. 2008-American Film Market


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from: http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/?p=2983


The 2008 American Film Market started yesterday. Like the film festivals at Cannes, Toronto, and, increasingly, Berlin, the AFM is one of the major places where independent and foreign-language films get sold. Distributors from all over the world come to sell their products and to buy the films that they will release at home. It seems a good occasion to look at what effect the folding-in of New Line Cinema into a unit within Warner Bros. early this year has had on the international independent film market.


John Hazleton analyzed the impact of New Line's withdrawal from the international market for Screen International just before Cannes (May 9, 2008 issue). Hazleton harks back to the impact of Rings and other New Line franchises:

Many sales executives, in fact, go further and suggest that by boosting the fortunes of the distributor partners with which it had ongoing output or package deals—companies including the UK's Entertainment, France's Metropolitan, Australia's Villege Roadshow and Spain's Tri Pictures—New Line effectively elevated the independent international industry as a whole. Other sellers benefited, for example, when the New Line distributors reinvested profits from The Lord of the Rings and Rush Hour movies—or from last Christmas' The Golden Compass—in the acquisition of non-New Line films.

No wonder, then, [that] the decision by parent Warner Bros to turn New Line into a stripped-down genre label whose films will (once current deals expire) be distributed worldwide by the studio is having such an impact in the independent arena. Filling the New Line void has suddenly become a pressing need, or an enticing opportunity, for all sorts of independent players.

One such player is Hyde Park International, whose president Lisa Wilson told Hazleton, "We're certainly seeing an uptick in interest from distributors who previously didn't need as much product because they were secure in having the New Line output. They've been making more of an effort than usual to meet us before Cannes." Another is The Film Department, selling two films under production, Law Abiding Citizen, a thriller starring Gerard Butler, and The Rebound, a Catherine Zeta-Jones vehicle.


To read the entire article, from the source, click here

2008 AFM - Lakeshore Entertainment Party

at Michael's, Santa Monica, CA United States

Photos: Here

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Thank you Barb. I always find it interesting to reach behind the scenes details.

It occurs to me to ask: Do you think there would be any mileage in setting up a dedicated Section for Evil Twins (company and projects) in the Movie Forum? Unless I've missed it I've not seen a central point for news of the company.

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