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What has made you just have a good old laugh?

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I have to tell you this. I love watching the travel channel. They have been doing a series on England, France, Italy and tonight was Ireland. They show you the beautiful landscape and old castles (Of course that's why I like it!) Even talk about the food and making wine. Well back to tonights laugh. They were talking about Ireland and I was listening to the tour guide specialist who was of course talking with an Irish accent and I was thinking and listening and I couldn't help myself I just started copying him.

Everyone is laughing and I'm really starting to get into it. Trying to figure out how I'm doing it and I'm explaining to everyone how to hold their mouth and the tone to use and the whole time I'm talking with this accent and they are laughing like crazy saying, "Oh my god she's doing it." And I was trying to talk too them and I couldn't stop myself from doing it. And I said, "I don't think Gerry could have been that bad." Maybe they'd tell me I sucked at doing an Irish Accent too."

But again, I'm trying to talk and it's still coming out with the accent. Everyone is just laughing themselves off their seats saying, "Look she can't help herself now she's stuck with it." Well I really had to kick myself out of it and I was like, "God you get started and it's hard to stop." I'm like, " I really need to hear Gerry doing it."

It was just such a good old laugh. You know one of those laughs that your ribs hurt because your laughing so hard.


I was hoping others would enjoy sharing some of those moments that they just couldn't stop laughing over.

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