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Gerard Butler GALS

Happy Birthday, Gerry!


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Dear Gerry,

When one of us GALS has a birthday, our wish to each other is "May all your Gerry dreams come true". The same applies from me to you....May all YOUR Gerry dreams come true too! I wish you good health, happiness, an enduring love and much success. These are not only the things of dreams, but also the things you richly deserve.

Live long, live happy, live well, laugh a LOT! Posted Image HANDSOME!!

Love and Posted Image


added 11/13 9:49 a.m.

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! Wishing you a day filled with love, happiness, rainbows and giggles. May all your dreams come true!

Thank you for the joy and friendships you have brought us - you are a very special man in our lives! May God Bless you always.




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Gerry, here's hoping you have a most excellent birthday. And just for this special ocassion I found a poem that says it all.

Happy Birthday, Darling

by Nicholas Gordon

Happy birthday, darling!

Even though you're not with me. (I'm married you know)

Right now you're with someone else (or so the poem says but just go along w/it)


I know I am the wild cat (and I don't mean Northwestern U)

Who'll get you in the end, (a girl can dream can't she)

Not only your hot lover, but (in my dreams)

Your best and truest friend. (oh I wish it were true)

So have a happy birthday

And remember my sweet kiss. (so fine I dream a lot sue me)

It's waiting for you when you turn

To me, your fated bliss. (*sigh*)

Have a great day!!!! :kiss:


Added 11/13 9:08AM

Happy Birthday you Beautiful Man you! :wuv:


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Happy Birthday Gerry!!


Here's wishing you:

family and friends to enjoy your day with, or not, your choice ;)

a good meal,

a hearty laugh,

a warm embrace that you will not forget,

and peace.

I turn 39 on Nov 27th (yes, you are so much older and wiser than I) and just the other day was thinking how this is the last year I can say I'm in my 30's. I think that used to bother me. But it doesn't anymore. I'm so damn happy to finally know a bit more about myself and I only see the next years as the best ones I'll have. I look forward to it now...yup wrinkles and all. ;)

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Dear Gerry:

This is my very first GALS post – and I can’t think of a sweeter way to start than to send you wishes for your best birthday ever! I hope your day is full of the things you love the best. Celebrate you!



‘That’s all I ask of you....’

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Dear Gerard

I just want to wish you a happy birthday.

I just found you this year and you have brought a lot of joy into my life with you films and by just being you.

I love that you have stayed true to yourself and you sence of humour gets me every time.

I have made some big changes in my lift this year a lot of them because of you. The way you decided to go after your dream years ago has made me dare to do the same. My dream is to return to your beloved Scotland and I will do just that after new years.

Have a wonderful birthday and remember to take care of yourself.


Dane (Dorthe) :hearts: See you in Glasgow :swoon:

Edited by Dane
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Hi There - Gerry !

Just want to wish You a Very Happy 39th Birthday !!

Ya know -- Mr. Jack Benny -- had his own take on turning 39 -- :D - He just stayed 39 from there

after -- hee hee -- if only in his mind -- eh ??

But then -- perhaps he was onto something ... that age really is-- only a state of mind...

hey I was born in 1964 -- about the time the Beatles invaded America --- LOL !! -- I know

my Mama -- was jammin' to some cool tunes -- about the time I showed up -- :funnyface:

So whatever you do on your special day --- I Wish You a World of Love, Happiness, Belly-bustin'

Fits of Laughter, With a pinch of Randiness thrown in for Good Measure .... :p

and a very Blessed and Contentment Filled -- Year A head in All Parts of Your Life !!

and No Matter What ... Don't Forget to Strut !!! -- I saw Rock-N-Rolla and I've seen ya

Strut Yo Respective Stuff... in the Past -- Ya Got It Goin' On Kid !!

but just incase ya need a little nudge -- to get in a festive mood ---

here's a little Mood Swingin' from a couple of Pro's in the Respective-Stuff-Strut Department....

at least in my humble Opinion....

I think I'll follow their lead.....

State of Shock - Tina Turner & Mick Jagger:


struttin' appears to do a body well .... what do you think ???

p.s... I hear that Mick learned his moves from watching Tina open for the Stones -- years back ...

Now -- Take Care of You !! -- God Bless You, Ms. Lolita and your Family !!

:wuv: --- Love -- Amanda-Tee

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Dear Gerry,

May this next year be filled with laughter and love; family and friends and even more success in your quest to reach for the stars!!

Posted Image

God Bless!

love and hugs,


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Happy Birthday Gerry,

I hope your day is filled with whatever you want to do!! Don't think of it as another year older...think of it as another year of experiencing "life"...seeing friends, family, and discovering new things and places. Each year is a blessing for us. I wish you much peace, love and laughter and many more discoveries on the onset of the coming year.

Auguri Bello :bday:

:pug: Hug Lolita for me!!



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Hope you have a great day and that you do whatever makes you happy and keep entertaining us only the way

that you know how to do :kiss: and stay safe and find whatever makes you happy in life

Added 11/13 at 5:59PM



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Happy Birthday Gerry and much happiness and success in this coming year. I hope you are happy and prosperous and very successful in your chosen career and Very Loved and fulfilled in your personal life throughout the rest of your life. Many Happy Birthdays to come and many years of sheer joy in your future. You are a special man. God Bless..... Marilyn...(9 Frozen Roses)

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My hope for you this birthday is that every fondest dream and wish of your heart comes true this year! May you have fair winds and sunny skies always. You have been such an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for being you...sending my best to the best!

with love,

Marg :yay::wuv:

Posted Image click

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Well, I hope #39 finds you surrounded by happiness and love, friends and family......I'm sure you're aware of the magnitude of love sent your way from us GALS, and all of your fans all over the world.I wanted to share a very unique little connection that we share with our birthdays.....your birthday is Nov 13th, 1969...mine is Dec 13th, 1970.....we were each born on the 13th of the month...13 months apart to the day.....I just think that's very cool.....something only you and I share.....I know...I'm grasping....LOL.....

Again...I hope your day is very special...please know that you are thought of fondly on this special day.....oh yeah, check out my siggy below :wuv: so true....so true.....

Hugs, kisses, and much love,



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Happy first 39th Birthday, Gerry! :bday:

You're 39 and holding, holding everything you can! (Jerry Lee Lewis song)

Congratulations on another successful year!

Keep up the good work, and we'll keep showing up to see it and you!


"Songbird" Katie


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Dear Gerry, here's some advice for your birthday! :) Since I'm a bit older than you are... barely... :lol: you have to follow them! (or not :lol: )

Danielle :wave:

Be yourself

Invite new challenges

Recall past triumphs

Trust your instincts

Have faith in your abilities

Desire only the best

Affirm your strenghts

You've got what it takes

Edited by GreenEyes
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Posted Image

Enjoy your day, Gerry. I wish you love, peace and joy now and forever.


Birthday Wish

I have nothing to give you today

Nothing but my words

Words of love

Words of admiration and respect

Words that make you cringe

Words that make you tingle

I would tell you so much

But would you listen

I'm just a fan, a loon, a crazy

But I have so much to say

I have no advice

I have no song

Just my love that is kept at a distance

I have nothing you need

I have nothing you want

And yet, you have everything

My words mean nothing

But my heart is true and strong

My words are honest

My words are my own

And everything is yours.

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