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rocknrolla review

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this is sue grint again,

i went to see rocknrolla twice and i thought it was brilliant. i had never seen a guy richie film before because i wasnt that interested in gangster films,but i found this was so lighthearted and enjoyable, that it was very different to what i imagined.

i thought all the performances were great and the majority of them very funny. i thought that gerry was so at home in his role, and found his performance as one two hilarious. i loved the gay sketch with handsome bob, the dance scene with thandie and the russian chase with the wild bunch in particular. the sex scene was brilliant, but me, personally would have had the sex scene even though gerry was sick, caught the bug off him and then we could have recovered together after, but thats me.

this film went straight to the top of my gerry films and that is saying something as dear frankie and beowulf and grendel have been my favourite two for years now.

i have been a fan of gerrys since first seeing him in tombraider back in 03, and have found the mixture of his different roles very interesting. he seems to be able to turn his acting into different roles quite easily and is very versatile in his different characters that he portrays.

i look forward to many more films from him both acting in them and producing them with alan in the future and as i am writing this i have just finished watching timeline.

sue grint

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