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Not Gone Away! Thanks to all my GB Gal Friends


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Just wanted to post to say I still love all of you! Job has been alittle hectic but my great new news is that I have started college! After being out of high school for 32 years and never having attended college because my parents could not afford to send me (and back then student loans, grants and scholarships were not that readily available) I decided to take the plunge and get my degree in business. It certainly has been challenging because there is so much to read and pay attention to. What I will do with my degree once I get it, who knows but atleast I can hold it up in the air and say I DID IT. So if I'm not on the forum all the time it is because I have a pencil stuck in my ear trying to figure out all this other stuff!

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:clap: GOOD FOR YOU!! :clap:

Hope you can take time occasionally to come to the site, even if you don't have time to post. Sometimes a person just needs a break from the stresses of 'real life'.

Kudos to you for "making it happen" and continued success!



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