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Gerard Butler GALS

Atlantis, Dubai photo


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I thought it was from 300 when I heard it, but wasn't sure until you guys posted. I wonder if Gerry realized it was from 300. I'll bet he got a real kick out of it if he did. I'll bet the sultans daughters are not closet Gerry fans, I'll bet they are outright Gerry fans, if they have red blood in their veins they are. Priyanka Petra, Chalieze, and now Mary Kate obviously have HOT red blood. I've heard him linked to Pryanka and Petra, and Mary Kate gravitated to him, what NORMAL woman doesn't? He has that animal magnitism that pulls us all to him, and then when he opens his mouth you want to hold him in all ways, to love, to protect, to shelter, etc. His charisma demands all of womans instincts into play upon eye contact, even if it isn't in person contact. I don't even want a piece of dust to fall on him, isn't that terrible. I couldn't help but think of all that fireworks smoke irrating his eyes after seeing what the fire in the CA hills was doing to him at that outside party. You know that last night had to get to everyone. I hope he is having a WONDERFUL, once in a lifetime, experience. I hope he gets out of this everything he went for, even if it was only fun.

Love him absolutely and unconditionally,


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Oh sorry was not trying to be political just posted a thought that popped into my mind at the moment of seeing that vid so I wanted to come back and explain that. I didnt see any of the other threads about the fish or the wealthy spending habits .

I wasnt trying to start something just an innocent random thought that popped up in my head I didnt even realize it might sound

offensive to anyone my bad :wave:

by all means continue to discuss sexy Gerry photos ;)

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