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Gerard Butler GALS

11/29 - Top Movie Heartthrobs of the Decade

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Congrats to our Gerry!!! I am glad to see Russell Crowe on there I love him too. Cullen don't do something to me, but I would love to see Crowe and Gerry in a movie together. Raina Snow

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thanks for posting :)

Gerry and Russell should def do a movie together !

Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, would anyone here be able to stand up after watching those two on screen? Jeez Marie, they would need paramedics on call at the theaters. Still, I would be willing to risk it. Wouldn't you love to see them in a pirate movie together?.................. :yummy:

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Our Man is again proving his moving up the ladder ability. He just gets better and better as he gets older. The man is too incredible for words.

Can't help loving that man!!!


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Yay, GERRY! One of my good friends is totally gah-gah over Hugh Jackman, though.

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They say that Pitt’s to die for and that Clooney’s quite the man,

Tom Cruise may always be “Top Gun” but who's not a true blue fan?

We know the Hugh(s) are sexy. they've won that accolade.

And don’t forget Bloom and Depp, no finer pirates made.

With Matt Damon always "Bourne" again, and Downey's Iron Man.

Leo DeCaprio will sink or swim, and we'll catch him if we can!

Then there are older hunks, of course, like Sean Connery, Ford, and Sly,

And “ooo waaww” Al Pacino! Heartthrobs no one can deny.

True, Mel Gibson is our Braveheart. he wears a kilt so fine!

And Joaquin does a sexy Johnny Cash when he Walks The Line.

If Batman lived forever, then Christian Bale's "Reign" should always thrive,

With McConahay slaying dragons, two of the sexiest men alive!

Gosling, Gyllenhaal and Viggo have already made their mark.

And don't forget Heath Ledger, who gave the "Knight" his dark.

Let’s not forget 007, the numbers quite absurd!

With latest Bond, Daniel Craig, always shaken but never stirred!

If ever you hunt for treasure, the beefcake to engage,

Should always be with pleasure, the one and only Mr. Cage.

Travolta, Crowe and Swayze, Will Smith and Timberlake,

Two of these “hunks” have worn a dress, a fine lady they did make.

DeNiro drove a Taxi and Beckham’s quite the jock.

But no one does the Scorpion King, as far as I know, like The Rock.

Then the newer ones come lately, there’s that High School Musical guy.

Fresh faced vampires like young Robert, then that other fellow, Shia.

There’s the ones we see on TV, McDreamy, McSteamy and Clive.

Those graceful dudes on Dancing, that quick step, jump and jive.

I’m sure I’ve left some names out. For that, I apologize,

But it’s difficult to keep track of all these sexy guys!

But for me, I’ve seen one other, first time with half a face!

With more sex appeal then should be allowed, plus talent, charm and grace!

His name is Gerard Butler. No one else can shine a light!

He melts my heart whenever he sings The Music of the Night!

So keep your George and Matthew, your Tom and Hugh, and Brad.

Just give me Gerry Butler, my favorite Scottish lad!


This is the most beautiful ode to our man I have ever had the pleasure to read. This is wonderful D. You are so talented!



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