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Well, if they are comparing who is "cheaper" to get than Russell Crowe you can count Hugh Jackman in that group too - as Crowe (thankfully for me) turned down the role in "Australia" because he "won't do charity work for big studios.". That's fine by me because I'll take Gerry and Hugh anyday, in just about any role, over just about any other actor, Crowe included.

If he truly said that, he just lost my respect. There are plenty of divas in Hollywood . . .

I honestly don't think Gerry is as well-respected in Hollywood as some might think - YET. And that is absolutely no reflection on Gerry!! He still has some things to prove, but I have every ounce of faith in him that he will. Not to be a downer but from what I see, the PTB and others in Hollywood don't quite get Gerry. I do believe he has more respect now than this time last year . . .

On the other hand, maybe someone will see that article and hire him because obviously Russell Crowe thinks he's too good to take a bit of a pay cut. Another one bites the dust in my book . . .

And with all honesty, I DO wonder how much Gerry makes per film. Just out of pure curiosity to know what he's worth in the industry.


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Yes I remember Russell haggling over his fee for Australia and Baz was having none of it so they got Hugh. I too am interested to see the kind of leap in salary Gerry has had since 300. When you see the likes of people like Lindsay Lohan getting $8 million a movie from what I've heard it kind of makes a mockery of truly decent actors and actresses out there who just haven't had the breaks she has had. I think this has been discussed before on a previous thread but i think the reason Hollywood may not get him as Lisa mentioned is because he has not pigeon holed himself into a particular genre of film - whether by choice or its been whats on offer. You would think to the industry it would show what a versatile actor he is not taking the money route and staying with a particular theme cause it was successful like some others have done. I do often wonder if one of the reasons he set up Evil Twins was to find roles he wanted to play but just wasn't getting offered.


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I've said the man is grade A Prime, and he is..Russell prices himself out of roles, Gerry is freakin' fantastic and a bargain and more than capable of performing just as well as Russell can in ANYTHING.

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