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I was just reading the 11/28 issue of Entertainment Weekly and found that 300 was #50 on their list of the 50 Sexist Movies Ever. :woo:

Here's what they had to say:

300 (2007) A band of 300 impossibly buff Spartan warriors led by King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) battle the Persian empire with swords, shields, and tiny leather codpieces. Sexiest Moment it depends on your tastes, really, so long as they aren't subtle: You've got a lithesome female Oracle gyrating in mystical mist, nude Leonidas making sweet love to his queen (Lena Heady), or just the truly awesome spectacle of Butler's abs.

I was surprised that they would consider 300 a SEXY movie! We all knew that already but it was nice to see others appreciating all that gorgeous beefcake!!! :lookin:

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