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Gerard Butler GALS

By accident I must have clicked on RSS Feed. How do I stop it?

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While visiting the photo gallery, I must have moved the mouse and the arrow landed on RSS Feed. Now I can't see the photos. Is there anyway I can change this back? I use Mozilla.

Thanks for your time.


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This requires more expertise than I have in my noggin, Time. I'll bring it to the admins and try to get an answer for ye!


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heISmyGspot: Check it all out and make sure I have the sequences right. If I have any wrong, let me know and I shall adjust them on my post. Thanks for your assistance.

Here is the answer to my question. My son was able to figure it out and if this should ever happen to someone else, these instructions will help you cancel it.

1. go to you tools sections of your browser page you are currently on and click on options.

2. there are titles at the top and choose Content and click on it.

3. go to Load Images Automatically and click on Exceptions. If you have accidentally click the RSS feed as I did somehow while viewing Gals Gallery you will see the name of the site displayed. Clear it off and that should do it.

4. close that exceptions window out and then click OKAY on the Content window you have open to correct that change and then it should work.

My son lives in another town and didn't want to tell me anything to fix until he saw what the problem really was and made sure he gave me the correct way to fix it. With his mother, he knew it would be better to see it than to diagnose it over the phone. We both are hands on people and do better with it right in front of us, seeing the problem to fix it.

I hope this helps someone else some day when their mouse arrow goes astray as mine did and your palm clicks the laptop mouse pad and changes something without your knowledge. At least they might have suggestion to look into.


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