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Gerard Butler GALS

Who's calling mah name?

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Did Tom Cruise just call out GerAAAAAARD?

I'm gonna kick his tiny scientoligist butt.

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The Ger:DAMN those GALS Tarts are HOT! :drool1:

GALS Tarts: Oh Gerry....honey....watch out for the....

*crash! splat!* :hit:

GALS Tarts: Pole!

*100 women rushing over at the speed of light*

GALS Tarts: Can we help ya? Poor baby! Someone call 911! Someone take his temperature! Someone hold his head! Someone rip off his clothes, STAT!...we need to check for a pulse!

The Ger: No, mah lovely GALS, I'm fieeene! Just help me up, weeel yew?

GALS Tarts: We're just trying to be safe, Gerry.....*collective naughty giggle....then collective grabbing of clothes....RIP!* *100 simultaneous Gerrygasms....*

:hump1: :boner:

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Gerry's friend (not in the shot): Uh, Gerry I think you should look behind you.

Gerry: :huh: Why are those women carrying a sign that says "Gerry free the Big One"? What's a Big One?

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(out of the shot) "Geeeeeeeerrrryyy!!"

Gerry: "Damn...these shades don't work."

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At a GALS tarts gathering....

Me:*shouts*"Gerry show us your Magnum!!!!!!!!!"

Gerry:*Turns around* "WHAT!! Are you kidding,darlins I can't show yall that! It's not yet perfected!"

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YES, that really is my HAND!  :blush:

muahahahahahaha!!!!! :rofl1: :rofl1: :rofl1:
Oh my!!! :cheeky:


You are on a roll today, dear sister!

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Gerry: oh no! must..save remainder of...buttons- RUN! damn these expensive shades- why don't they work!


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