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Just popping in to say Thanks so much Anna and Poppy for the Card, its raining and very warm here.

tomorrow I start to cook. I got my walking in today just in time.

I want to wish you all Happy Holidays and safe ones too. Suzie I know you are going to be hectic just slow down take a deep breath.

I wish we had some of that snow I miss it so. I love it. unlike a lot of folks that think I am crazy . we need some Christmas Icons and snowmen and balls and etc. here is Cricket in our Miss snow3 weeks ago. love ya'll Raina SNowPosted Image

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Yay! My sister's sweet hubby went out and got some chains for our car and dropped them off early this AM! Now we just have to dig the car out from 2 feet of snow (it snowed again last night) and we might be able to get out of this house for a while! The plan is to first buy some groceries and then go to my sister's for dinner and party the rest of the evening. They are forecasting more snow for tonight, but we are hoping and praying they are WRONG!

At the moment we have light rain, and the ice and snow are starting to break up a little! YAY! I bet our local malls are packed!

I want to wish all you lovely GALS the loveliest of Christmases and a beautiful holiday season. May your hearts be filled with grace and peace!


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Guest DonnaKat

Just stopping by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Hanukkah (whichever you prefer).

Thanks to those who sent me Christmas cards. They're beautiful!! And thank you to all who sent me egreetings as well. :)


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Merry Christmas GALS!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

My kids were so excited this morning, they left a mess in their wake but you should've seen the happy faces. My daughter got a barbie vanity, right away she was putting makeup on and looking at herself in the mirror, it was so cute.

Hugs to all.


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I had hoped to pop on last night to wish you all a happy day but couldn't...I got home very late from Christmas eve at my brothers house, and just wanted to have enough life in me to be able to at least take my shoes off before getting into bed!!

Can't stay long now. Must get my face on and see if I might meet my sis for a movie.

I am so happy we seemd to miss out on all the rain the weatherman predicted for yesterday. I had decided that if it rained like it did last week and this past Monday, that I would be too nervous to make that long drive to my brothers. I used to make that drive in 50 minutes, but with more and more traffic, it took an hour and a half!!

Well, I am almost afraid to post this, especially if FRANNIE is listening :lalala:

.But...I had ANOTHER "nice" :cunning: GERRY dream two days ago. :wuv:

And then I had a nice dream yesterday, and I have NO idea who he was!! He had glasses and he was very, VERY nice... :wuv: ...I have no idea what's going on. I'm not even watching any Gerry movies or anything!!

I guess it could be the chocolate FRANNIE...I think we have finally finished the Halloween candy left over and there's so much for Christmas at work and all...But maybe it's the miniature HEATH bars...I don't know what else to tell you. :kiss:

Must say hi to Marianne...I had just been thinking of you and wondering how you were. :hug1:

ANNA, take good care of your little guy...(And I'll take good care of that Lucious man you emailed to me!!) :drool: Okay, enough of that. My mind is wandering...

JUDE I will get back to you soon!! Merry Christmas!!

Can I say MERRY CHRISTMAS and best wishes to all the Gals that are SO important to Gals but who we don't hear much from: Ms DAYNA, Ms Annette, Ms Jenni, Barb, Katie, Libby, Holly, Jenn, Perrin, Stef, and Ms Bethy.

I also want to send out a warm Christmas hug to Issy/Isabeau/Michelle. I miss you and hope you are well and happy! You are the sweetest of the sweet!! :kiss:

And a far away hello to RISA . :hug1:

and Lish...(still out there in a corn field somehwere in Iowa???) ;)

Love, Nancy

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A big happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!!

It's snowing here... this makes two white Christmases in a row for Utah County, I'm very excited about that! (others not as much... but I can't help that I love the snow *grin* )

LOVES to everyone, no matter your celebration! Love the GALS, been on this road of fandom for nearly four years now... so amazing how my life has changed.



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MERRY CHRISTMAS ladies, one and all.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and catch up on what everyone was doing. Much love and enjoy this precious time we all have with family and friends this holiday season.

Much love to all, Jill


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Oh crap!! Someone posted that Gerry was flying out of LAX for Christmas!!

My limo friend, actually woke me up with a call yesterday morning to ask me if I'd do an LAX drop off at 4pm. I would have been happy to if I wasn't supposed to be having Christmas Eve dinner with my brother and his family at that exact time.

What if it was GERRY!!


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Just wanted to add my wishes that all of you are having a nice Holiday--however you celebrate.

We had our entire "Christmas" celebration yesterday afternoon and evening, so today it is very

quiet around here. Santa was very good to me, as usual--in fact he was pretty darned good to

everyone in our little family!!

Big hugs,


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Merry Christmas to GALS!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful and blessed time with family and friends! I am late getting home today from dinner at my daughter and her hubby's. We had a small Christmas get together today since we all celebrated Christmas on Sunday in Maryland with my oldest son and wife and my 16-month-old granddaughter. A warm, wonderful time with a toddler, so sweet. Son said she would not let Santa hold her when they went to the mall but she ran to me when she saw me with my Santa hat on and I just melted into Grandma goo. :wuv: Had the best time with my family then and today.

Happy Holidays to all.


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Merry Christmas Evening to you all.

I hope you all had a lovely time with friends and family. I'm afraid our Christmas was rather stressful and messed up this year due to the extreme weather and other things. After being literally snowed in since last Friday, my poor dear hubby was called into work yesterday. Someone came and picked him up at 6:00 AM under the promise that he would be home by 12:00 noon. Bill was willing to go in because he figured he would be home in time to at least go shopping for a few gifts (because he had not been able to do any Christmas shopping.) Basically he got sent on a wild goose chase; sent to pick up product only to find those terminals in such chaos, he could not do the pick up. He spent 4 extra hours driving across town in lousy conditions and did not get home until 5:00 that afternoon. On top of that, Bill is a diabetic and never had one minute to stop and eat. GRRRRR! I am so upset with his employer!

We had barely 15 minutes to purchase a few things at the grocery store before they closed. You should have seen me, I literally ran through that store with my list in hand, but they were out of nearly everything I needed. It was pretty funny but frustrating.

Anyhow, poor Bill was exhausted and chilled from his miserable day, and we were both quite angry at the dispatcher who never bothered to check on the pick-up before he sent Bill out there on Christmas Eve! BTW.... Bill was actually scheduled for vacation this week, and he went in for them because they could not get anyone else.

We did manage to get out of the house and spent Christmas Eve with my sister, which was lovely. We had a nice meal and watched Fred Claus. That is a surprisingly wonderful movie! We all loved it.

I'm sad that I did not get to spend Christmas with my mom, but she spent Christmas with my brother because he lives on her side of town. We all feel so disjointed this year.

The best part of the day for me was when Bill opened my special gift for him. We had a photograph taken for our engagement which has been sitting in storage for about 20 years. For Bill's gift I had that photo matted and framed. It is quite large and captures us both in our early romance. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless.

Tonight we are just having a quiet dinner here, and then we're going to watch The Polar Express. Well Christmas this year has had its disappointments, but I am very grateful for all the blessings in my life.

God bless us, every one!


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Hello just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I may not be on as much cause my Christmas stunk. I fell yesterday on thick ice and badly fractured my left ankle, and my ankle its out of place and tore some ligaments. So monday i have to go see an orthapedic surgeon and by the end of next week or im gonna try the week after when zach goes back to school have surgery on it.

Right now I have a splint from my toes to my knee all wrapped up putting all weight on right leg and hopping around with a walker . lol

And my mom has one of those folding wheelchairs that has been a lifesaver. And this all happened when zach is home for two weeks. AHHH . but I am getting help with zach maybe few hours a day someone to watch him and play with him while i rest and give me a break.

So when i get a chance I will come on once in awhile to say hi and just look around. Hope in a few weeks when things settle down after the operation and stuff.

Have a Good Holiday



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*peeks in* Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (Gerry too)! I'm lucky this year... I got the Phantom of the Opera 2 disc DVD and soundtrack, an HSM3 soundtrack and DVD, and a 3 disc Andrew Lloyd Webber "music lover's" collection... What all did you guys get?

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Welcome to the Support Center, Flesh!

Well I did not get any gifts, because Nathan is broke at the moment, and as I mentioned, we've been snowed in here and my hubby is a notorious last minute shopper! (aren't most men?LOL) He'll buy something for me later in the month, meanwhile, Portland is trying to get back to normal. We still have tons of snow on the ground but it is slowly melting.

Bill and I stayed up late last night and watched The Christmas Cottage. Have any of you seen it? It's about Thomas Kinkade, you know, the painter? It tells the story of his young adulthood and the famous painter, Glenn Wessel (Glenn Wesserman in the movie), who mentored and inspired him. Peter O'Toole played the painter, and it is a very lovely and moving film. It went straight to DVD, but I think it's a beautiful and life affirming Christmas movie.

Today we are heading out to take advantage of the sales. I am buying some snow boots, snow gloves and a parka. We may not have another snowstorm like this for five more years... but when it hits, I want to be ready!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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Nancy - not to worry, Gerry was probably already in Scotland by the time they wanted you to do that run so it wouldn't have been him! I believe he left on Tuesday which would have gotten him home on Wednesday.

Michelle - I'm so sorry about your ankle! That sounds very painful. My sister-in-law had a break like that a few years ago only it was because she tripped while cleaning something off the roof and fell onto the balcony below. BTW- love your avatar, trading card, and siggy - a fellow Bill lover I see! I can't wait for the New Years Eve marathon of True Blood which I'll be sharing with some of my sisters in both Gerry and True Blood fandom.

Swannie - sorry about the crappy weather in Portland. Believe me my company is feeling the pain of the snow in the Northwest - we have offices near Portland and Seattle and we can't install in the snow. Then we have an office that services Long Island and Connecticut, and both the Northern and Southern California offices have had to deal with rain and more rain. It may be good for nature, but it is lousy for business!

My Christmas was weird. Usually we have it at my mother-in-law's house but at 87 she's decided she doesn't want to do that anymore. So hubby volunteered us to do it. At one point we were supposed to have as many as 16 people! It turned out there were 7 (including us). But 2 of those were my parents who have been divorced for almost 31 years (and for good reason). OMG spending 5 hours with those 2 was torture! Neither one could say anything to the other without getting a snarky or sarcastic response! Not even a compliment could go unpunished. Then my dad proceeded to complain about the food (though he kept going back for more) and when I left to take my mom home (she lives 10 minutes away) he left before I got back. I told him this morning that it hurt my feelings that he left without even saying goodbye to me but of course he just doesn't get it (my dad was born without the empathy gene - truly he has no conception of what other people feel or how his words or actions hurt others even when he is told outright). Then my stepdaughter, one of her sons (we thought 2 were coming) and her fiancee (we didn't even know she was engaged) showed up 1-1/2 hours late (nothing new there). This is the last time I'm doing Christmas at our house - it's just too stressful!! I'd rather spend it alone with my husband in a movie theater. But at least the house (well, some of it) is more cleaned up than it has been in a long time, and because we knew we were having company we got our flooring redone which looks great! And the tree which I finally decorated on Christmas Eve looks very pretty (with my very eclectic collection of ornaments). Hubby got me gifts even though he said he wouldn't - I got a super-soft fleece jacket, and a seahorse necklace. He says there is something else for me too but he can't find where he put it in the house so he'll give it to me later! I got him the Dyson vacuum he wanted (as I mentioned earlier in the week) and I got a picture framed (it was one I got for him in the CUT! 2008 charity auction earlier this year but it just sat around collecting dust so I found a beautiful mat and frame for it). My dad gave me money (as always) which I'm using for Jo Malone - my cologne and lotion are both empty! Tonight David and I hope to drive around and look at Christmas lights - we used to do that every year but haven't done it the past couple so we are planning to do that tonight.

I hope everyone else survived Christmas or Hanukkah and is looking forward to New Years!

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Its so nice to see everyone on here, flesh, Judy, Diane, Swannie, Susan, Mel, Michelle, Donnakat, Hot lips, Nancy, Jill, good to see everyone had a great day. I cooked and Gerald came in from work and he and i ate. It was nice. Of course the dog had to have some too.

its warm again today and sun came out off and on. I didn't do much cleaned the sheets made beds. My kids should be here by next weekend sometime. I know Bluejean did a soup kitchen sort of thing yesterday, that was very nice of her. Yvonne is still a little down Ken still don't have a job so think of them and our men and women overseas still.

Well I fasted today even though I did well on ww yesterday didn't eat very much. I counted it all. I just thought I would try this.

so far so good. I am a little hungry now.

Well there is nothing new here. I can get back to the stores now that all the returns and shopping is almost over in a few days. I will be so glad.

Love to all Raina SNow

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:wave: everyone! I hope you're all having a great holiday. We're having fun here with our daughter. I must be insane, because after picking her up at the airport on Christmas Eve we went to the mall for some last minute shopping. What a mob, but there were already some great sales (50-60% off in some cases). After church that evening, we went out to dinner, then came home and watched two Christmas movies. We had a quiet Christmas dinner at home yesterday and watched several more Christmas movies. Today, she and I ran some errands and went to lunch and more shopping...Christmas money burns holes in pockets, you know! :funnyface:

Hugs to all!

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Well I see we all survived Christmas....but for a few not so good events! Michelle .....sorry about the ankle Sweetie!

Susan...My day was pretty hectic too but Not half as bad as yours and I don't blame you one iota for not doing X-mas at your house again! I only had nine to feed and really the only thing that went wrong is that I burned the cresent rolls and I was so busy cooking and getting everything ready for company I didn't have time to jump in the shower and get dressed for the occasion....It's okay I sat alone! :p

Elissa ...sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family! :D

Betts ....as always my friend :hearts: Oh and yeah it was Hot here yesterday too! Course ...just because I had the oven on all day!

Swannie....I've been watching the weather and was wondering if you were in the mix of all that snow! You weren't dreaming of a White Christmas were you?? I know....bad joke! :doh:

Hotlips and Donnakat ..... :wave: ...Happy New Year Galfriends

Well actually Happy New Year to all my galfriends! :)

Judy....Thanks Sweetie for the beautiful card!

Have to go and pull the bed down for Hubby cause he will throw all my pillows all over the place....cause he say's "well there throw pillows ain't they" MEN!!

{{{{HUGS}}}} Frannie

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Michelle,so sorry about your ankle.What a bummer.Hope you feel better real soon.

Christmas went pretty smooth around here.We kinda ate in shifts.At first there were 7 of us, our usual 6 plus my nephew David was invited over, so we all had dinner at 5:00pm. Ronnie was on his way home from visiting his cousin Billy and Aunt Fran in North Carolina and my other son, Ismael picked him up at the airport.Ismael and his girlfriend live in Conn. and the weather was pretty bad there so Ron spent 2 nights there.They bought him home Christmas day and they got here about a half hour after we ate and they had dinner, then Ismael and Alison had to turn around a drive back to Conn. which is about a 2 and a half hour drive.Alison had to work today and after work today they were drving back here again to spend the week-end as Ismael has his Kids this week-end.I don't know how they stand all that traveling I hate it.

Ron has his kids this week-end too.His son is on the honor roll at school with a 95 average in all his subjects.(He's in the 6th grade) We are all pretty proud of him.

Thank you all for your lovely cards.

Big hugs to all who need them and those who don't as well.....

:hugs: Peggy

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Here at Casa Suzie, we celebrated a very quiet Christmas in this tiny room. I am so used to putting on a huge holiday celebration with four Christmas trees, enough food to feed a small village and all the music and Christmas movies, all of which are in storage!!!....boy, just wait till next year! It's still looking good to move into my house on Jan 5th.

I have always had two phones, my cell and a land line. I seldom carried my cell phone, because only a very few people had the number, and I usually only used it when I needed directions (having been born without a direction gene, I can get lost in my driveway!). I also can't figure out the texting business, so don't use it. Therefore, I always had minimal cell service and a very small monthly bill. Till I move into my house, my cell phone is really the only number I have. I have not been able to convince my mother that I am being charged by the minute when she calls or I call her. Same goes with my realtor who likes to chat. Today, as a gift from AT&T, I received my cell phone bill...for $384.44!!! **sob** I don't want to get another plan that features more minutes (and is more expensive) because I won't need it when I can get a land line again, so I have to grimace and pay. OUCH! :wall:

I hope you are all fairly recovered from overeating and hope you're not suffering from a sugar rush. To those of you who are like me and love mincemeat pie and fruitcake, please feel free to join me for coffee/tea, calories and some good Gerrytalk!!

Holiday huggles,


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Hello my friends....I survived Christmas and we had the company we expected (7) plus two that weren't expected (but made my Christmas)...Bryan and B2 made it up Christmas evening (they weren't due in until today but Bryan said he had to be 'home' on Christmas... :wuv: . B2 has been keeping me busy all day and of course I'm loving it...but he is nestled in bed now and I will be joining him shortly...

Suzie, you will be in your new home in just a few weeks...I say we throw a party!!!! (btw....ouch.... that bill would be painful)!!!

Bryan is going skiing tomorrow and Dan'l and I will have B2 all to ourselves. Please remember to say a prayer for Dan...he goes for a CAT Scan on Monday and I'm kinda nervous about the results since Dan has only been able to take half of the dosage of chemo that he is suppose to take....

Betts, could you please send me some of your willpower..PLEASE!! Yvonne called me yesterday just to tell me she loved me and to wish us a Merry Christmas....it brought tears to my eyes...what with all she is going through that she would do that...what a sweetheart that woman is...but that's GALS!!

That's wonderful about your grandson Peggy...that is something to be proud of~I hope Ron is doing better.

love and hugs to all!!



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