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12/29 - Ten Movie Endings Spoiled by History

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from: http://www.premiere.com/List/10-Movie-Endi...-History?cid=25

10 Movie Endings Spoiled By History

Biopics and historical flicks are mighty appealing for filmmakers and stars, but it's hard to create drama when the audience knows the ending. Here are 10 that tried to make it work, with varying results.

By: Premiere.com Staff

12/29/2008 09:00 am



Plot: 300 soldiers, who can get away with fighting in capes and

loin clothes because they're in really good enough shape, hold off an

army of millions

History Says: The Battle of Thermopylae, where a small group of

Spartans led King Leonidas fought off the massive Persian army for

seven days.

Execution: This movie is about kicking arse in style. The fact that it's based in truth doesn't matter.

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Great article. I am so glad he appreciated 300 as much (well, almost) as we did!

If you are a Star Wars fan, you must go to the actual site and listen to the funny (rude) monolog about the making of the Star Wars prequals.

Thanks, Barb!!!


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Thanks Barb! Loved 300! Glad to see he liked it!

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Thanks for the article! But why does everyone pick on Celine Dion? I think she is one of the best female vocalists of all time and that song she sings for Titanic is classic and one of my favorites. Guess it's a "guy" thing!


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