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Gerard Butler GALS
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Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)

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WELCOME to the 62nd floor of the 2nd highrise of our clinic! We only have 7 floors to go to reach 69 again!

The award season is in full swing and though our favorite guy isn't up for any (sadly) we all know his day will come. His appearance at the Golden Globes was, well, in a word, GOLDEN. So this is our chance to bask in the glow of our golden guy, may he have the Midas touch in his upcoming ventures, especially now that he gets to produce as well as act!! Our money is on you, Gerry!

For those new to our clinic you can find our previously erected floors below:

Click here to find links to the floors of Highrise #1

Highrise #2 Floor #1-A Strong Foundation

Highrise #2 Floor #2 - FALL is the season

Highrise #2 Floor #3 - The POWER of 3

Highrise #2 Floor #4 - Four on the Floor - Road Trip

Highrise #2 Floor #5 - Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Highrise #2 Floor #6 - A Verrra Charming Bad Boy!

Highrise #2 Floor #7 - Deck the Halls

Highrise #2 Floor #8 - Hugs for the Holidays

Highrise #2 Floor #9 - 2007 Let's Make it FINE

Highrise #2 Floor #10 - He IS a 10 indeed!

Highrise #2 Floor #11 - The Power Number

Highrise #2 Floor #12 - Fit to be King

Highrise #2 Floor #13 - ALREADY a sex symbol

Highrise #2 Floor #14 - 300 Rush Week

Highrise #2, Floor #15 - Prepare for Glory

Highrise #2, Floor #16 - They got the JUICE

Highrise #2, Floor #17 - April Showers

Highrise #2, Floor #18 - A PHENOM

Highrise #2 Floor #19 - Award-worthy

Highrise #2 Floor #20 - It's Raining Roles!

Highrise #2 Floor #21 - Convention Decompression

Highrise #2 Floor #22 - GALS turns Terrific TWO

Highrise #2 Floor #23 - GALS turns Two Part Deux

Highrise #2 Floor #24 - Let's get SHATTERED

Highrise #2 Floor #25 - We're having a HEAT WAVE!

Highrise #2 Floor #26 - Hot Summer Nights

Highrise #2 Floor #27 - Try to Remember

Highrise #2 Floor #28 - Rev up for Vegas, Baby!

Highrise #2 Floor #29 - He's Smokin'!

Highrise #2 Floor #30 - It's Gerry's Birthday Party

Highrise #2 Floor #31 - P.S. I Love Gerry!

Highrise #2 Floor #32 - P.S. I STILL Love Gerry!

Highrise #2 Floor #33 - 2008 is gonna be GREAT!

Highrise #2 Floor #34 - HELLO, Gorgeous

Highrise #2 Floor #35 - HELLO Again, Gorgeous!

Highrise #2 Floor 36-The Art of Gerry

Highrise #2 Floor #37 - Interior Decorating

Highrise #2 Floor #38 - Attila the Hunk

Highrise #2 Floor #39 - Come in from the Cold

Highrise #2 Floor #40 - Come in from the Cold again

Highrise #2 Floor #41 - Viva Las Vegas

Highrise #2 Floor #42 - My Hero

Highrise #2 Floor #43 - Tropical Breezes

Highrise #2 Floor #44 - Spring in his step

Highrise #2 Floor #45 - Deserted Island Fantasy

Highrise #2 Floor #46 - Weather GALS

Highrise #2 Floor #47 - The Beautiful Truth

Highrise #2 Floor #48 - The Lusty Month of May

Highrise #2 Floor #49 - Still the Lusty Month of May

Highrise #2 Floor #50 - Dance, Dance, Dance

Highrise #2 Floor #51 - Keep On Dancin'

Highrise #2 Floor #52 - Follow Your Purpose

Highrise #2 Floor #53 - GALS turns 3!!

Highrise #2 Floor #54 - GALS turns 3 -The Sequel

Highrise #2 Floor #55 - Summer Lovin'

Highrise #2 Floor #56 - Music of the Night

Highrise #2 Floor #57 - In a NY State of Mind

Highrise #2 Floor #58 - Globetrotter Gerry

Highrise #2 Floor #59 - Happy Halloween

Highrise #2 Floor #60 - Happy Holidays

Highrise #2 Floor #61 - Christmas Wishes and Auld Lang Syne

Yes! This is our GALS Mantra:

Sink the Boat -- Ride the Phantom!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to QAZklh for making the graphic for us..."

Posted Image

AND NOW.... the original thread.

Being the compassionate person that I am, I can recognize a cry for help when I see one. Having said that, I have decided to start a new support group for those of us with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome – from now on, all with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome with be known as GALS.

This group is open to all GALS and non-GALS alike who believe they are in serious need of support and guidance as they realize how serious their addiction has become. This is not a support group which advocates traditional intervention, as the failure rate would be astronomical, but merely a group whom you can turn to who share in your addictions or withdrawals, whichever the case may be. Some of the signs that you have GALS include, but are not limited to:

1. You buy every magazine on the rack looking for photos or articles of Gerry and start to get the jitters when there has been no sign of him for weeks.

2. You drive 500 miles to see a Gerry movie.

3. Your significant other (or just someone you're dating) gives you stark reminders they are SOOOO NOT Gerry.

4. Co-workers, friends and/or family start teasing you for your addiction – people can be so cruel...

5. You become addicted to caffeine because you can’t pull yourself away from GALS...."'cause just MAYBE he'll be on Chat tonight."

6. You obsess with much glee, "Gerry has a computer...and he knows how to use it!!!!"

7. You find yourself asking aloud, "Did he REALLY mean what he said about the 3:00 a.m. thing and does he REALLY wear a size 11 shoe?" Then smile broadly.

8. You catch yourself speaking in a Scottish accent for no apparent reason.

9. You change the decor in your bathroom to accommodate your new yellow towels.

10. The "G-Spot" takes on a whole new meaning.

11. You spend days wondering why a Scot would be named "Andre." :huh:

12. You buy “Mrs. Brown” just for the skinny-dipping scene and play that one scene in slow mo and super slow mo, over and over and over again. (Okay, so maybe that was just me.) :D

13. You have a picture of Gerry in your wallet, and refer to him as “your man, Gerry.”

14. You spend your hard-earned cash assigned for other “non-essential” items (phone bill, power bill, etc.) on essential Gerry related items.

15. You go shopping for your “real-life” man and finding yourself thinking, “OMG!!! Gerry would look so :censored: hot in that!!!

16. You have to buy a new hard drive to accommodate all your pics and videos of Gerry.

17. You search through a couple hundred $5.50 DVDs at Wal-Mart because an employee said Dracula 2K might be there.

18. You can't possibly walk past Starbucks without dreaming that maybe... *sighs*

19. You refer to the Gerry wallpaper on your computer as your “happy place.”

20. While looking up at the clouds you SWEAR there's a cloud in the shape of a "G"...funny thing is, the GAL next to you sees the same thing!!!

21. Multiples (Gerrygasms) are an every day occurrence!!!

This list will continue to grow as you tell me your addictions...

Below is a very simple 10-step program to help foster our addiction.

1. You must admit you have GALS. This is so important to further your addiction. Yes, this support group wants to nourish your addiction, not starve it. We are here for you.

2. Come to believe the Great and Powerful Gerry is greater than ourselves and only our visions and/or fantasies can keep us addicted. To truly become addicted, however, one must at one time in ones life made the Gerry Mecca Journey (GMJ) and meet him in person.

3. Make a decision to turn our will and lives over to our addiction to Gerry.

4. Make a searching and fearless immoral inventory of our fantasies of Gerry.

5. Lend your support to those who have GALS, but are yet unable to admit it.

6. Watch every movie (more than once) in which Gerry has a role. To be truly addicted, you must develop a love of all Gerry genres (yes, this includes “Tale of the Mummy” and “Dracula 2000”).

7. Frequently quote lines from Gerry films. Memorize them, use them, replace old phrases with new Gerry lines. This will prove to all your serious commitment to your addiction.

8. Know Gerry’s biography better than you know your own. True GALS will know all Gerry’s trivia. Study it, soak it in, become one with Gerry's biography.

9. Give generously (money folks) to the website which has fostered your addictions and allowed your fantasies to take flight.

10. Convert all who are convertible to this syndrome. This is the true mark of GALS. Do not judge - for your next recruit may be your boss!

As this is a relatively new Syndrome, the above guidelines are subject to editing, amending or scrapping all together as we GALS deem necessary.

The first step to true addiction is to admit you have GALS!! I will begin the group.

"My name is Dr. Em and I have GALS."

All are welcome to join in our group. GALS, we must not suffer in silence!!! We now have a voice!!! Let it be heard!

*Disclaimer: We GALS appreciate not only Gerry’s royal hotness for which there is no rival, we indeed, also recognize his abundance of talent, soul, passion, spirit, sense of style and humor, sincerity...can I stop now? Our addictions are all-encompassing and we embrace Gerry EVERY WHICH WAY WE CAN!!!*

To Cleobethra for our “Warning Label.”

Posted Image



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:cleavage: Yes Gerry, and may we also have a few of those chest hairs pretty please??? LOL

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Now ladies, go to NBC's website and see that clip of Ross the Intern "talking to the celeb's on the red carpet at the GG's" --- translation --- bug them into giving ---

What did GER man say "FORENSIC EVIDENCE" ?????!!!!!!?????

I laughed out loud for about 10 minutes. What a hoot.

I didn't realize it would be so easy!



Sigh. As if! Jill

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Oh no - poor Gerry - how many fans are now going to be asking for a chest hair sample rather than an autograph?

"Hi Gerry - no I don't have a Sharpie and don't need an autograph - could ya just yank out a chest hair for me?"

OUCH! Gerry - make sure that one remains special for all time - no giving them away to anyone who asks. But, on the other hand, if you ever have another film that requires the waxed look, note that you need not let the hair go down the sink - you can donate it to charity and it will raise tons of money, I'm sure!

Speaking of weird auctions - did anyone else hear about the woman who is allegedly auctioning her virginity to raise money to attend graduate school? Supposedly the bid is up to over $5.5 million from some guy in Australia. They were discussing it on talk radio last night and trying to figure out if she was for real or it was a big hoax.

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:wave: everyone! I'm surprised I had the energy to streak through yesterday...spent all day and evening cleaning out my closet! That's a chore I'd been putting off for several years! :bonk: Today I have to go out and buy some kind of shoe organizer, then the job will be finished once the shoes are organized. Later this afternoon I'm going over to Suzie's to help her set up her computer and organize her office.

Even with all the organizing and helping with Suzie's move, and going to work, I did manage to watch Gerry on the Golden Globes. He was as handsome as ever! :poof: He reminded me of Neil Randall!

Susan-I saw that story about the virginity auction. She apparently has a blog or website with pictures. Seems pretty nutty to me, but nothing really surprises me anymore. :lalala:

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Hi everyone. I've been MIA for a few weeks because of health problems, but I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a great New Year!

Here's hoping that Gerry has a great year filled with little gold statues!

Mousie :wuv:

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Yvonne told me last night someone wrote that Gerry had some disease and I told her that person it plain nutzo. dont' listen to everything you see on here. I thought the chest hair was awesome and funny yes now everyone will want one.

I have been on facebook all morning and its addictive and I can't sit that long I had to delete a lot of gifts that were sent to me and then they want to be sent back but I can't do it. too much. its freezing cold here 19 or 18 or lower tonight. I have been cold all day. but I walked.

Well nothing new here. hope ya'll be good. ttyl love ya'll Raina Snow

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Just checking in, another thread already?

So what did I miss?

Don't understand why anyone would say Gerry was ill....and what is the thing with his chest hair?

And what are 'gifts' from Facebook that have to be returned?? :wave: Betty Ann.

So many questions and nobody here to answer....I'll just crawl back into my little bed and keep taking my medicine. :sick:

I didn't suffer the nasty 'Flu Bug but the nasty chest infection has caught me...even though I took prophylactic antibiotics for weeks. I'm OK....cough cough...just languishing here in my bed all hot and bothered. Posted Image

Oh Mousie, are you feeling better now sweetie? I'm ashamed to say I thought you were just too busy to be here.

Posted Image

To anyone who is feeling under the weather,

Posted Image

And a dose of Gerry,

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Anna X

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Anna - when you come back from that warm bed, hopefully cough-free, you'll see the pictures to the left of the forum of Gerry meeting up with Ross the Intern from the Tonight Show. There are a couple of threads on the site about the encounter. The premise was based on the bizarre incident last month when Scarlett Johansen was on The Tonight Show with a cold and blew her nose - the used tissue was auctioned (for charity) on eBay and brought about $5,000 (and Gerry fans have been accused of being "out there" - puhleease!). So Ross, who is the Tonight Show roving correspondent at most of the awards shows (and is a verrrrrry over-the-top "girly guy") was asking celebrities to contribute DNA samples that he could presumably auction. He got things like ear wax from Kevin Nealon, a sweat blot from the cleavage of Susan Sarandon, and the best of all - chest hair from Gerry. The clip is in our Multimedia section and can be downloaded from here.

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Hi everyone Mousie so good to see you back. I am sorry you were ill. Oh Anna I hope you feel better soon. Facebook is where you go on like say ladybugs and there are a whole lot of pics and things about lady bugs and you send one to a friend and they are supposed to send one back to you. Zany made a Gerard James Butler one with his pics and you get a pic of him and send one back well there are so many applications you can send from and too that I have about 75 different things I can send back and forth and so many friends on there that I send to they all send me back something and it is sometimes 100 items I get that I have to go through to either ignore or send something back. sometimes I have to ignore all of them its too much I can't sit here that long. but they have games like scavenger hunt takes about an hour or more to play if you play right. and pirate hunt and all kinds of neat things. but it can get you.

Its sooo cold here 17 last night and I know Zany you had 18 below last night and getting lots of snow . Poppy too. its going to 20 tonight.

I just cuddle under my quilt with my dog and Gerry :omg: and have a ball. so cozy and warm then I dont' get up in the morning until I feel like it. :pant:

Well nothing else new here. so I am going ya;ll have a good night. prayers and love and hugs for ya'll Raina Snow

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I'm Baaaaaack!

I finally have a working computer system (Thank you, Elissa) and most all the office equipment is working except for the printer. The movers seem to have lost the cords! I finally took my mother back home today and can REST for a while. No one made me open a box all afternoon!!! Actually, most of the boxes I can unpack are done. However there are about 40 or so that are not everyday necessities or need to have shelves built to display. They can stay in the garage for now....poor cold, dirty car.

I love my new house even though it still resembles "Chaos Castle". I really look forward to getting it all decorated and warm and cozy looking. I have firewood being delivered tomorrow and need to make a trip to Target but so far so good. I may even tackle the entertainment system tomorrow. I've missed my Blu-Ray long enough!

I just wanted to drop in to let everyone know I'm still alive and having a ball! Sending big cyber hugs to you whether you are in need of one or not....so there!

Love, :wuv:


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Oh my what going's on..... and poor Gerry... waxing will never be the same LOL

Mousie not well, Swannie in a blue funk .... I think you GALS need some TLC. Wishing you all the best by the way and as always, thinking of you dear friends.

So when is the Leno thingy going to be on the site? Can't log onto the CBS site from Australia unfortunately. Can't wait to see it.

Cheryl - brilliant siggy :drool1: Oops, must do a new one myself.... soon!

OK, back to my work


Edited by Terry's Witch

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Good evening, gals.

Suzie: I'm glad you have moved (sort of) into your new house. How exciting!

Swannie: you and Bill are in my thoughts and prayers. :wuv:

Raina: it's that cold here in Utah, too. We have an inversion (warm air trapped on top of cold air) that turns the air hazy, but at least we aren't having snow storms. I hate winter! :tantrum:

That Leno thing was great. Maybe Gerry can donate more chest hair for the convention. :drool1:

Love ya,

Mousie :wuv:

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Hi everyone! I worked a 12hr shift today that turned into a 13 1/2 hr shift! Boy, were we busy! I'm working another 12hr shift tomorrow. I hope I get off on time. I'm sitting here now with a glass of wine and catching-up with some threads. I got my annual evaluation back today, and the good news is, I'm getting a 4% merit raise! :yay: Just in time to help GALS pay the internet fees that are due soon!

Suzie-Your new house is beautiful! I can't wait to see it when it's all decorated the way you want it.

Hugs to all!

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jobella - put it back and relax.... and why are you so stressed?

Elissa - good nows on the pay rise.... well done!

Finally changed my siggy to an oldie but a goodie. Took nearly three weeks... getting slack (or just busy)


Edited by Terry's Witch

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Hey everyone! Now that things have calmed down a bit and the holidays are over...I was just stopping in to catch up on the latest Gerry news and pics...good stuff to be found!

But I had to stop in and say hi too! Hope everyone is well!

Until next time I make it around this way...take care, be safe, be happy...and stay warm!! lol



Posted Image

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Cat - the Leno bit is in our Multimedia section so all you international GALS can download it and enjoy anytime.

Suzie - glad to hear you are loving your new house so much. I can't wait to see pictures.

Jobella - why are you trying to make yourself bald?

Misty - long time no see - welcome back from real life and hope you stop by more often!

Mousie - hope you are feeling better.

Betts - I could never begin to keep up with Facebook and Myspace so I go to neither. I know that bothers some of my friends, but I honestly would be in big trouble if I opened up my own pages on those sites - I'd never get off the computer and I'm on it about 16 hours a day as it is.

Hugs to all!

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Suzie, I'm so excited for you sweetie....it is so much fun decorating a new house!

Elissa, I don't know how you put in those kind of hours....that would kill me...

Jennipher, please don't make yourself bald...you have such thick, beautiful hair!!!!!!

I have a facebook and Myspace page but I don't even try to keep up with them....I would have no life at all!

Anna, where have you been? I've missed you!!!!

Well, speaking of a life...I guess I'd better get to bed so I can have one tomorrow...lol. BUT before I go I thought I would decorate the support center with a few clips from rocknrolla that I found in my email today:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

hugs to all.



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:funnyup: Sue...what can I say... :wuv:

SUSAN, thanks for directing both ANNA and CAT to the download link from the Leno Show. You explained it so much better than I would have. :wave:

It is way too late for me so I better get to bed...three hours past my bedtime!! (3AM!! :spit: )

I'll have to sleep in a little but do not want to sleep the whole day away...

Goodnite and good morning!!


Love, Nancy

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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd pop in and check on all my galfriends...Mousie, so sorry to hear you were not well but happy to see you back now!

Anna my friend, I didn't know you were not well either! I have to get here more often I guess. Stay warm and take your meds...and make sure you wash them down with Gerry Juice!

Suz...Whens the house warming party?? I am looking forward to some pics. Call me crazy but I love settling in to a new house...It's so nice to unpack and have a place for everything ...so organized...for about a month!!!! But the decorating part is fun.

Jennipher...Don't you know your not sposed to make a statement like that without splaining?? :unsure:

Nancy...For some reason I find when it's 3 am. I can sleep like a baby! :cunning: I just close my eyes and think of really "good thoughts" and before you know it...................... *Snore*

Betts, I'm like Susan....already spend way too much time on this puter. I think a long time ago I got a my space thingy but never did anything with it and really don't know the first thing about it! I read back a few posts that you have almost reached your weight goal and I am soooooooooooo happy for you! Congratulations!

Sue....I'm really glad we all know what these pics represent!! :p No wonder I never wat...........um....never mind!

:wave: Cat, Cheryl, Misty, Elissa, and anybody else I missed! {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}

:hearts: Frannie

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:D Good Morning My Lovely Ladies!

*hugs* to everyone. Glad to read all of the good news, but why do you want to pull out your hair Jennipher? I hope everyone's weekend is going well so far? Mine is going fine, well as best as it can considering the snow and freezing wind chill is keeping me inside.

Both of my little ones have been sick and are finally feeling better, so amen to that. Had that horrid 24 hour flu which resulted in my staying awake for 36 hours solid. I was dragging my hind end come 9pm last night. You should have seen me attempting to sleep while steam cleaning the carpets, now that was a laugh :doh:

Hope everyone has a good day :) *hugs* to everyone

Edited by Izzabeta

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