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Shock 'n' Rolla for Guy Ritchie Fans

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my apologies if this is already posted


In a sad day for film fans, it looks like there won’t be a sequel to GUY RITCHIE’s excellent RocknRolla.

Despite winning glowing reviews for the Lock Stock director, lead actor TOBY KEBBELL says it didn’t make enough money to warrant a follow-up.

I gave the film and actor Bizarre Awards this year.

But Toby told me: “I had a great time working with Guy, well as much as you can eating one meal a day to play a skinny junkie.

"I'd love to work with him again but I don't think there will be a follow on to RocknRolla - as it didn't take enough money.

"I've certainly not been approached to do another movie."

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I was afraid of that when it only made a little over $5 million in the U.S. I loved the film and sure wish there was going to be a sequel but understand that money talks.
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I hope this is one story that is not accurate!!! Would DVD sales have any impact? What if it had a cult following on DVD? Maybe that would influence TPTB to finance the sequel!?!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

Otherwise I'm with Hobbes...



Your siggy is HOT!!!!!!!! :heat:


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That's very disappointing news.

The more I think about it, it seems to be more of TK's speculation, although may be accurate. I hope there will be more thought given by Guyto the idea of a sequel.

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That sucks. I was looking forward to Gerry getting the sequel. Maybe The Ugly Truth will be a block buster. I hate more for Guy than Gerry. Gerry is a star already in my eyes and anyone who can not see the range and potential this man has then I pity them.


Tracy :kiss:

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I have seen the film just once by now and liked it, but it should be noticed that the distributor did a really poor job in this case, there are many countries (including ours - and it was announced and expected here already, also because of Czech actor Karel Roden who plays Uri in it) where the film was not released yet, or just got a limited release - how was it supposed to make money if people did not have a chance to go and see it? :tantrum::tantrum::tantrum:

BTW, worldwide box office sales are USD 22.5 million, which is not so bad, if you take into account how it was "distributed". And, as was already noticed, I believe that DVD sales will add to the total (I have already ordered mine from UK). :unsure::unsure::unsure:

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I actually wonder if Guy Ritchie and Joel Silver wish they had maybe done what Danny Boyle did and take the film elsewhere. I remember at the time all the news came out about RnRs limited release Slumdog Millionaire was in the same boat - Warner Bros not thinking there was an audience for it - oh I wonder how WB is feeling now having seen the meteoric rise that Slumdog has achieved and the awards it is winning.


Above is the article from Aug 12 last year when it was first announced RnR and Slumdog were seen as not very marketable by WB.

All it needs is a film studio to believe in you and i hope WB have learnt their lesson.

It's a shame if this ends up being true as it had a stellar cast and the film went along at a fast pace so no boring bits and I can honestly say I am not a big fan of Brit films but had a blast with this one.

Glad to see Toby finally getting recognised with a few awards. The Sun is the UK's biggest daily newspaper and I'm thrilled they gave RnR Best Film and Toby Best Actor - and it is all voted for by the British public so maybe TPTB may sit up and take note. He is up for Rising Star Award at the Bafta's in a few weeks and I hope he wins. Michael Fassbender is also up for it too.


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I think there will be a sequel. It didn't cost a huge amount to make and only took one month to film. I don't think any decisions will be made until the DVD and TV sales are in, and I think it will do well there. And why does the media in this country insist on using only US dollars spent at the movies to judge a film (and not using NET to get a real picture of how much a film has made)?


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You'll have to pardon my ignorance, but Ben Mankiewicz from "At The Movies" rated RNR in his top ten picks for best movies of 2008, I think it was #7. I'm sure you've seen the guy on the Turner Classics movie channel.

Ben Mankiewicz has been a popular host for Turner Classic Movies for five years. He was also the host of "The Young Turks" on Sirius Satellite Radio, a live, daily alternative talk show discussing politics, film, pop culture, sports, and media. Prior to his work on Turner Classic Movies, Mankiewicz was a reporter and anchor for WCSC-TV in Charleston, North Carolina and he also served as the anchor of "The Times," a daily news magazine at WAMI-TV Miami.

Ben Mankiewicz comes from a legendary filmmaking family. Mankiewicz's grandfather, Herman Mankiewicz, won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for "Citizen Kane." His great uncle, Joseph Mankiewicz, won four Oscars for writing and directing "All About Eve and "A Letter to Three Wives." His cousin,Tom Mankiewicz, wrote several classic James Bond movies including "The Man with the Golden Gun," "Live and Let Die," and "Diamonds Are Forever." He also wrote "Superman" and "Superman II."

I think this was a pretty good endorsement since the movie had limited distribution. I'm still not clear why that was really. It only showed here in two theaters and was gone very quickly. So how could it have made more money? Like I said, I don't get it. I apologize if this is already common knowledge.

Click on the best/worst of the movies video play to view. Or just the "Best Movies of 2008" to the right. Oh, you'll figure it out!



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