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Guest pamelajane

Congratualtions on your wonderful moment. It's stories like your's that make Gerry even more endearing, if that's possible.

Enjoy your memories. I'm so happy for you.


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*SQUEALS* BARBARA!! That is so cool!! I'm so happy that you finally got to meet him!! *Bouncing up and down wildly for her.* That's fantastic!!! :yahoo::yahoo: :yahoo:

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Aw, Barb--this was THE DAY, and I am SO happy for you. From my own experience, and from

hearing about this one--GERRY IS STILL THE SWEET, SINCERE, BEAUTIFUL MAN he was before

we had to share him with "the world." And I hope many more of you are able to have the

chance to have those miraculous eyes look into yours.

Congratulations, Barb!!


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Way to go Barb! I bet you stay on cloud 9 for quite some time. I'm still waiting for my moment with Gerry . . . who knows, it may come this year! We'll see.


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What a wonderful experience for you and I am so happy for you!

His eyes are so beautiful aren't they? Much brighter than in photos. As you described your experience, I could imagine the love he shared with you. I know that he is a very caring and compassionate soul and it almost brought tears to my eyes as I read your words.

It goes to show that as you said, he is a man worth supporting for many reasons and the love and care that he gives to others justifies the support that I and many others give him and always will.

Gerard is one in a million and you are one lucky Gal!!!

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Philadelphia certainly seems to have lived up to its name as the City of Brotherly Love yesterday thanks to a certain sexy Scotsman! I must say Jamie Foxx is looking mighty fine in those pictures too.

Gerry's look right now is so similar to how he looked when I met him 4 years ago, it just brings all those memories flooding back as I hear the wonderful stories that reconfirm that he's still that fantastic, amazing guy. His hair, his scruff, his eyes, his smile... "it's all coming back to me now" (well it never really left - nor will it for you GALS!) :wuv:

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Dear Barbara!! I'm so glad you got your birthday hug!! You're such a sweet lady, I'm sure Gerry was honored to give you one!





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