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Gerard Butler GALS

New Pics Of Gerry at the Inaguration


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I made plans to go into DC for the inauguration and ended up on the tail end of salmonella poisoning. Missing the party for that reason was bad enough. You can probably guess that I've kicked myself around the block about 20 times now.


Something just told me HRH was gonna be in town for the occasion. I think I'm gonna have to make a trip to Philly and soon.

'Scuse me while I go make an appeal to the GB PTB...then hock one of my cats for the train fare...

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It definitely was cool that Gerry was there! I know that he has lived in the U.S. for many years now. I wonder if he ever thinks of changing citizenship. I can't imagine him doing it but tax advantages are probably better. I wonder what he thinks about our political system as opposed to Scotland. I'm sure he has been smart enough to know that politics isn't a great subject to talk about. It could be career suicide!

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I like seeing Gerry take an interest in our country. It matters not which side he might like, but the fact that he likes "once in a lifetime experiences". Ha ha. (Gerry, I get such a kick out of you.) A man after my own heart...


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