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Gerard Butler GALS

1/25 - Don't Cry for me, Guy Ritchie

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from: http://www.boston.com/ae/movies/articles/2...5/dvd_releases/

DVD Releases

By Tom Russo, Globe Correspondent | January 25, 2009

Don't cry for me, Guy Ritchie

There was a fair amount of speculation in the past year's entertainment news about whether British director Guy Ritchie had lost his mojo - pretty much all of it having to do with his divorce from Madonna. Celebrity rubbish. The real issue for fans of Ritchie's work on "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch" should have been whether he still had his screen edge. The familiar but slickly entertaining gangster flick "RocknRolla" (2008) is a welcome affirmation that films like "Swept Away" and the not-so-cerebral mindgame "Revolver" weren't all he had left. What's new about Ritchie's return to London's seamier-than-thine underbelly? There's Gerard Butler trying on wackiness for size as bumbling hood One Two, whose ill-fated bid to go straight leaves him in deep with cockney kingpin Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson). There's some unevenly interwoven drug trippiness in the "Trainspotting" vein, and a bit of boo-to-homophobia humor that aims for "Seinfeld" levity, awkwardly. Better to groove to high points like Butler's comic flight from indestructible Russian thugs, or his six-second bedroom montage with ice-queen mob accountant Thandie Newton. Extras: Ritchie and actor pal Mark Strong, who plays Wilkinson's right-hand man, supply commentary. Ironically, some of it focuses on how the economic collapse has hit London - directly contradicting a "Guy's Town" featurette gawking at the city's big-money internationalization. An all-purpose production segment is reserved for Blu-ray. (Warner, $34.99; single-disc edition, $27.95; Blu-ray, $35.99)

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