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Being a photographer myself....this type of thing is very frustrating. I have found many of my pictures being used on peoples myspace pages. Some have even gone so far as to make slideshows using them without any recognition of the photographer. They think because its online...that its free to take and do with as they choose. I have to go politely ask them to give me photo credit or remove it.

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Just my take on it - first of all we are still working with the photographer through official channels to possibly obtain permission to host his pictures, on his terms. He has NOT yet agreed but he has been in contact with us and he has not said no. So, I would think it is not the best idea for people to be asking for the pictures through private channels, or admitting that they have saved his pictures to their own Photobucket account and willing to share. If he did in fact remove his pictures from Flickr because of "theft" he could interpret the sharing of his pictures, even between individuals, as a violation, and that could impede our ability to maybe obtain his permission to host them.

So, let's not jump the gun. Allow this situation to work through the proper channels of attempting to obtain his permission rather than possibly chasing him away by suggesting that members are already sharing those pictures, even if not on a public space. If you have saved his picture(s) to your Photobucket account and it is not set as a private account then you have actually saved it to a public place and it would appear that it is your photograph.

Try to put yourself in his shoes. If you were the one who took the pictures and then found them all over the place in other people's Photobucket accounts with no mention of you as the one who took them, wouldn't that tick you off?

I am therefore setting all such posts to invisible now.

I'm sorry. I didn't know that you were in contact with the photographer. I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

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tupelo - you weren't alone, so don't fret about it.

As a rule of thumb whenever Gerry pictures turn up on a person's account, like Flickr, we do our best to contact the photographer. If we can't obtain permission we may still post a link to the origin of the photos which just drives the traffic to the owner's site. But if the individual takes them down there is nothing we can do without permission to host them. Some photographers post that it is OK to use their pictures on other sites so long as credit is provided and a link back to their site is included. Some are compensated based on the hits they get on their site so they like the synergy of having their work out on many sites as long as they are getting traffic back to their site for it. But that isn't always the case and we have been known to miss a step, if the photographer doesn't want a picture on other sites even with full credit and linkage to their site (the Goldberg photos are an example). Some require that we can only post their pictures as of a certain date and they can't be used in any other way - such as the Rodale Men's Health pictures. So it isn't always the same with each situation, we just do our best to provide our members with the most extensive gallery we possibly can and we have no problem crediting the source.

But, we should always keep in mind that if it is evident a photographer does not want his or her photos on the site, either implied by removing them from their original source, or explicit via communication to remove them, we should try to avoid upsetting any of them by appearing to circumvent their desires by offering to share photos that were saved to personal computers or Photobucket accounts prior to their being made unavailable to the public. We'd like to try not to burn any bridges that we might want to consider crossing again sometime in the future.

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Maybe we were not the offending element that caused the pics to be pulled. There was only two of Gerry, if I recall and as was mentioned, one of those was backward. Hopefully the photog will reconsider posting them and any other's he is fortunate enough to get. Maybe we should have our own resident GALS photographer for things like this, if we don't already. No TMZ kinda thing, but just someone on "assignment" to take pictures for GALS gallery. Maybe somebody told him he could make money from them and not to post them for free. If he wanted credit for them, all he had to do was specify that. He is already protected by copyright law anyway I believe.


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