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Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)

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So since I'm paying attention and learning of Gerry movies I wasn't aware of...I'm up LATE when I have dance and need sleep trying to save contents of my hard drive.

So I watched two "off topic" movies and I wonder what Free Movies are available through ON DEMAND with Comcast. I flip and see a few I could watch and I pass one called Mrs. Brown and go back and read the info. Sounds kinda familiar. I hop on imdb.com and look up the cast and there he is!!!

So I just started it and I love it because I can pause it when I need to!


Now to hope I can save a TON of my stuff off my computer *crosses fingers tightly*

At least I'll see an older Gerry movie even if he's not in it much.


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Hi all,

Down the South Coast of NSW and having a ball with my sister-in-law. A bit on the tipsy side and having trouble typing straight. *sigh* Kerrie. my dearist sister in law is laughting because I'm having so much trouble typing. She is a silent Gerry fan ... well almost.

Hugs to all and see you later this week


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Cheers, Terry's Witch - sounds like a good time to me!

Just wanted to wish all the Gals a wonderful weekend - no yukkies, no bad weather, no bummed out computers - just warm, fuzzy Gerry Feelings!

Hugs to all


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Hi everyone I had trouble logging back in I finally found my info to get back in. I had trouble with dsl today and had to call at and t and they must have taken all my password and log in info off everything. but I finally got back in. Hi to you all Bonnie, Cat, Sappphyre.

I walked 45 mins today and it was 75 here and so pretty. going to be nice all week.

I tried again bless me, to watch RNR but no way. I am sorry, I just don't get it I must be dense.

Well, I hope everyone had a good day and have a great night. Everytime I dream its always of LEO this boy I had a crush on in my teens. he actually was my brother in laws brother. but why him? I saw a picture of him after vietnam and he sure is not the same person I had a crush on he has no hair!! :woo: I didn't even recognize him in the picture.

Well I guess I don't look the same either but that was a shock.

Well have a good Sunday tty tomorrow love Ya'll Betts Raina Snow

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Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far!

Today was pretty routine for me--just did grocery shopping with the huz for a good bulk of the day. When we came home, we did some cleaning. I turn on the t.v., flip a few channels, and what do I see on TNT Channel? "Tomb Raider 2"!! Seeing & hearing dear Gerry on the screen perked me up, and motivated me to come on here.

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Hello BB!!! Well, if it motivated you to come here...that's a good thing...

...and Gerry always is a good thing huh???

Cat, I hope you're not too hung over...lol

I just got this message from Anne on my email and she asked me to post it ... so here it is:

Hi sue, If you could for me, please, post a note for the GB GALS? I'm right now trying to back up my computer on a flash drive that my dad graciously paid for. It seems in two days straight I had hard drive issues. There is a chance my computer will completely crash. My dad is going to look at it tomorrow when I visit family, however once I shut it off I could lose all of it. Since I need a computer in order to look for work and for leisure (I can use the internet at the library but there is always a time limit and I don't know if they have website restrictions. It's been a very long time since I've been to the library.) and my dad said he'll either buy me a new one or find a refurb from his work. You've got my email address from here so if anyone wants to email me they can if I find out my computer dies all together. As much as I have a tough time getting along with a friend 10 minutes down the road from me, I'm sure she'd let me use her computer for the internet. She did when I moved in and had internet and computer issues. I hope it doesn't crash. I'm backing things up to be safe than sorry. Toodles, Anne (Sapphyre

Hopefully, her computer won't die and she will be on later tonight..but if not....than you know why...say a prayer for her that it doesn't please...because she says really needs her computer to find work.

I think I'm going to go through my DVDs and find a good movie to watch with hubby...goodnight my friends...

OH OH I heard from our Anna ... and she has been snowed in!!!! LOL...her email said "Did I say we never get snow?"

hugs to all.



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*pokes head in*

Did I see Nancy, my fellow GAL who serves in Attila's Harem!!


I am hip deep in projects but wanted to spread some love!

Much love to everyone losing weight!

Wish I could find the will power!

I have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow morning, to help me

train to find a job! Pray for my success..and sanity! :lol:

Love yas!!



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Good morning to one and all! Hope you are out and about (or snug and warm at home) and enjoying the day.

Prayers and all good thoughts to our GALS and all the others in Australia...what news.

Raina Snow! Good on ya for getting out and walking! I should be so devoted to it all....but I"m not. I'm bad. Perhaps I need to hook up with Sue and find a gym buddy to push me over the hump of not going alone to do the things I just don't find the time to do....my own fault, entirely.

Queen B! Good to see you so soon again! Yeah. Many positive vibes and lots of prayers for tomorrow. Hang in there, oh royal one!

And to eveyone else -- much love. Waiting for Burns.......impatiently. I guess I'll need to get my mind geared around TUT!!!!!



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Hi all you sweet GALS. Good to hear from all of you. Bethy, hope you get the job whatever it may be. Sue, and Anna and Jill and Cheryl and BB and Kayla. I will pray for Anna I know how lost I am without my computer. But if I had to have a new one they say Windows vista stinks. But I also heard they are trying to change that. they better for me.

Its been lovely weather here again , I walked and my neck is still giving me big problems but I give it to the Lord and tomorrow I start pt maybe it will help. It has not in the past but maybe this time it will.

Nothing new going on I talked to some of my relatvies they all have this crud everyone has.

My brother in law HArold fell down the stairs to his basement and fell on the concrete floor on his side hurt his shoulder and hip. he is I think 84 now and he is really lucky he didn't break a hip.

Well I don't have anything new here so I will let ya'll go have a good week this coming week everyone

We are all Connected!! :stranger: love ya'll Raina SNow

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Afternoon Everyone!

Good luck to all of us trying to get fit this year! Damn it's hard work!

Bethy, good luck in your job pursuit! Hang in ther and you'll find something that's right for you.

I do not not like Windows Vista either Raina, Windows XP for me baby! Sorry about your brother in law. Hope he'll be OK.


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Raina-Hey sweetie. Sorry to hear about your uncle but glad to hear he didn't break a hip.

Not much is going on at my end, in the middle of making dinner ;) Bought myself a headset today so it's quite entertaining to chat with lol, feel like i'm being shipped to the moon LOL

Hope everyone is doing well. *hugs*


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I have Windows XP at work and Windows Vista at home. I don't usually have a problem, except there are sometimes compatibility issues. Trying to find a GIF animator, but I haven't tried very hard.


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Bethy, keeping fingers tightly crossed for you tomorrow. Best of luck!!

Also sending up prayers for all our Australia GALS with the fire danger.


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Hey, gals!

Just wanted to make sure you saw the note from Stef with an F in Updates!

FYI: The site will be inaccessible for several hours tonight while I do some behind the scenes maintenance. I will begin at 10:00 pm EST. Thank you for your patience.


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OHHHH ya'll MOnica just called me Jimmy Buffett is going to be in Dallas April 18 am looking at air fares now or bus. I am going Lord willing. I saw him in NJ at the train station remember and acted the fool could not get my mouth open. I can't wait he graduated from USM here in Hattiesburg. I missed the Jersey boys because I would not get up and go but I want to see him. I wish he would come back to Hattiesburg he has been here a few times in concert. Raina Snow

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Just stopping by to say "Hi," and display my beautiful siggy made by Frannie. Hope everyone

had a good weekend.

Love and prayers to all,


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:wuv: Will you take a look at my Valentine signature? Thank you Frannie my sweet Galfriend. :kiss:

Just checking in before the next snow fall arrives, if I have been well enough to venture out I would have really enjoyed the wonder of nature and had some fun! Sadly no photographs as the camera seems to have mislaid it'self....again. You see that could be the fault of the camera size, being so small these days!

Sending prayers for the safety of those in Australia devastated by those dreadful fires, and prayers in general for all our dear Galfriends and their loved ones who are in need.

Wonderful news of the production of the Burns movie, Gerry has so coverted this role, he will at least be able to film in his native land.......and use his 'mother tongue'. Sorry Raina but if you have difficulty with Rock n Rolla you are going to need subtitles for this film.


Anna............. thy charms my bosom fire,

And waste my soul with care;

But ah! how bootless to admire

When fated to despair!

Yet in thy presence, lovely Fair,

To hope may be forgiven:

For sure 'twas impious to despair

So much in sight of Heaven.............thank you Rabbie! X

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Anna!! Happy to see you are feeling better and able to join us! Your siggy is gorgeous!! Frannie made mine too! I know how you feel about the camera losing itself. Happens here all the time!

Sending hugs to all those who need them, especially our GALS DownUnder. The heart breaks over the fires in Australia with such a heavy loss of life. And now to hear many of the fires were arson just makes me sick. I understand Australian law enforcement people are determined to charge these bast**ds with murder. I hope they catch them!


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I just wanted to jump in for a minute and tell our Aussie galfriends that I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers! I just now saw this on the news! I've just not been aware of much going on around me lately as RL has been taking a toll on me! But when you see what others are going through it makes one step back and look at their sometimes mediocore problems....Anyway, I pray everyone is safe and sound and of course that the fires are being controlled or better yet out for good!!

Anna and Suz and Judy......You guys .... :hearts:

{{{{HUGS}}}} to all that need them and those that don't.....cause you really could use one anyway...right? :D


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Drags self into Support Center..... :wave: everyone. I just finished working 36hrs in 3 days! We had a very busy weekend at the hospital. I was supposed to work on Friday and Sunday, but got called in on Saturday too. I have 5 days off now! :yay: Anyway, I'm behind in reading posts, but will catch up soon.

My prayers are with our Aussie sisters. :rose:

Anna- good to see you, Galfriend! :D

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Oh I am fine with listening to Gerry but it was some of the others, I went to Weight Watchers I was so excited because I didn't go last week and I stayed the same. I was sooo glad. I just knew I gained 3 pounds. I am so happy. its pretty here again so I walked with the dog and have to walk more later but I have pt this afternoon so I will have to walk after supper. Its nice but supposed to be really windy again tomorrow and then rain the next day.

I hope ya'll are having a good day. I am staying in touch with the fires in Australia I hope Obama sends some help overthere. Love ya'll Raina Snow

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