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Gerard Butler GALS

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Yesterday met Gerry again at City hall Phila. I was lucky again. He was very busy and didnt have time to sign autographs or take picture. I did snap one but too blurry . Yesterday was his last day to film at City Hall. Next he is going to film in North Phillie. I surprized tthat only three other fans were there. I met his driver and gave him a photo I took of Gerry on Jan 23. He swore he would give it to him.Sure enough he did. He is just the best .

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I had read somewhere that their last day of filming there was Friday. Obviously that was not true. That might be why there were so few fans there. But, Frannie, you are definately getting your Gerry fix! Lucky you!


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I wonder if there is such a thing as "Gerry Overdose"? :D



You're a lucky Gal, frannie! :kisswink:

There is absolutely no such thing as a Gerry overdose!! ....I'm still waiting for my first sighting....(heavy sigh)


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Did you see him outside city hall or inside? Could you tell if he was there as producer Gerry or actor Gerry?

SorryI Didn't answer sooner. I saw him both times outside of City Hall. He was there to film a scene. He was on Broad St. filming but I missed him because my son was sick . TWo twins that are on gallery update got to see him twice that night . I have to tell you I talk to a lot of people in City Hall while I waited to see him they say he is the sweetest guy . I dont think I'll get nover this for a long time. I hate to see him leave Phillie because I'll never see him again. He is sooo handsome and nice .Do you live in PHillie ? Because they are filming to the end of the month.

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