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Gerard Butler GALS

Some Watchman "Tales of the Black Freighter" Pics

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Hi All,

Just happened across this article. Thought I'd share.

The WATCHMEN tie-in animated DVD "Tales of the Black Freighter" hits shelves on March 24th and we've got a look at some new pics from the film. The project stars the voice of Gerard Butler as a marooned castaway who's desperate to return home to warn his family about "The Black Freighter," a haunted pirate ship that steals the souls of the damned. The story is told in the "Watchmen" graphic novel as a comic-within-a-comic that one of the characters reads. Because Zack Snyder felt it was too much to add to the film, he decided to make the story a standalone adventure. Check out the pics below!

Link to Article and Pics


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