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Zack Snyder on Watchmen - Interview

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The winter issue of Comic-Con Magazine is available for viewing and downloading on the Comic-Con website:

Link to Comic-Con Winter Issue

Six-page interview with Zack Snyder "Who Watches the Watchmen" starts on page 11 of the magazine, and he talks about The Black Freighter.

Excerpt: "CCM: Watchmen also contained a story within a story, “Tales of the Black Freighter.” Is that part of this film, or will we see it come out as something separate?

ZS: It comes out on its own as an animated film that we did, and then you’ll see it in the Watchmen DVD release, which is sort of the “Absolute Watchmen movie,” which has the Black Freighter woven through it.

CCM: So it’ll be edited into the actual movie on the DVD?

ZS: Yes and we actually shot the ins and outs with the two Bernies at the newsstand for a lot of those sequences where he comes in and out of the graphic novel or in and out of the Black Freighter story into the Watchmen story. So we had to shoot these sequences that would make sense when you cut it into the movie."


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