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Gerard Butler GALS

2/19 - Front row faces


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They were probably referring to the way they were dressed at a fashion show. I agree that they were a little underdressed for the occassion. I don't think I would wear jeans and a Tee to a fashion show, but, hey, Gerry is Gerry. He looks better in jeans and a Tee than most men look in a tux. I agree that he is gorgeous no matter what he is wearing, but I have to admit that I was a little shocked to see what he was wearing when I saw it was a FASHION SHOW. I mean, let's face it, jeans and tees is NOT what was coming down the runway. However, if I had been coming down the runway, I would have fallen into Gerry's lap, him being on the front row and all. I really admire those girl's control. I would not have been able to control my emotions with him that close. I do, after all, love him absolutely, and to me he can do no wrong, always looks like a million bucks no matter what he is or isn't wearing, and that scrappy comment is fighting words to me, but I do see where they were coming from. Let's face it and be realistic. If Gerry had been in a suit and tie, we would have thought the scrappy comment suited the other guys pairfectly. I thought at first he had just come from the set, that looks like what he was wearing on the LAC set in the last pics I saw, then I realized this was in NY. I defend him to the teeth to wear whatever he wants to wear to whatever event he wants to wear it to and would have gladly been on his arm with pride, but it was a little inappropriate for the occassion. Like I said, tho, I think he is gorgeous in anything.

Love him absolutely.



Yes, Darlin',


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I have to agree with all of the rest of the Gals. There is absolutely no comparison between Gerry and any of these other men. Sometimes I think the people that write this stuff in News Papers actually think that because if they think this, then therefore it IS. I see very few men in the whole Movie crowd that can compare to Gerry. They just don't .


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I don't know why they can't see it. come on give me a break. who is the hottest here, who I say.

Gerry Gerry Gerry the media makes me want to gag sometimes. Raina SNow

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i totally agree with you GALS,no one i mean NO one can't :wuv: compare themselves to gerry,he is the ultimate scotsman.And you know,gerry is so sexy and handsome at the same time and they cant compete against gerry for looks,gerry has my vote.he's good looking.

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