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2/20 - TOTBF - Where's the Pirate?

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from: Entertainment Weekly,

2.27.09 issue, within the Who'll Watch Watchmen? article, on page 27!

On newstands now!

Arrg! Where's the Pirate?

Sorry, fans, he didn't make it into the movie. These colorful Watchmen details got left on the cutting-room floor. -Jeff Jensen


A gruesome pirate comic woven into the story of Watchmen, it will be an animated short with its own DVD.

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This was probably written before Zack announced that when the Watchmen movie comes out on DVD Tales of the Black Freighter will again be integrated within the movie as it is in the book. I think it would have been really difficult to put it on the big screen with that part intact because it is a separate story (via a graphic novel within a graphic novel) that is being read while other action is going on around. It is difficult to follow it while reading so I can only imagine how confused it would leave anyone in the audience who perhaps has not read the graphic novel. At least if you get to see the Watchmen movie, and then see the TOTBF in its own DVD it will be easier to figure it out - or maybe not! I'm sure there was a linkage between what was happening in TOTBF compared to what was supposedly happening in "real life" - though having not finished reading it all yet I'm still finding myself rather confused.
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Slightly OT, but I thought worth mentioning;

I think it's funny that two of Gerry's co-stars are in Watchmen together, AND that both of these men got his character's women in the end!

JDM~ William got Holly

PW~ Raoul got Christine

Weird huh?

I for one will be first in line for Watchmen AND Black Freighter!!!!!

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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, but Gerry's character had both of the women first. They both loved him FIRST.

I did think it was ironic that Zack said Gerry definitely had a part in the movie and then they both wound up in it and he didn't. I think there was a scheduling confict though wasn't there.

I just know Gerry has always been FIRST and will always be FIRST in my book. Neither of them stand a candle light to him in any way, not charisma, talent, looks or brilliance. He is always NUMBER ONE as far as this southern lady is concerned.


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