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2/22 - Movie Ads That Could Fix Oscars' Trailer Failure


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from: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-movies-...e-oscars-2009-2

How To Save The Oscars

Hilary Lewis|Feb. 22, 2009, 11:53 AM

ABC has struggled to sell commercials for tonight's Oscars even though it had a perfect new group of advertisers: the movie studios, who were finally allowed to advertise during the big show this year and were expected to unleash a wave of trailers at an ideal audience.

So why have only Paramount and Disney stepped up and the remaining four major movie studios (Sony, Universal, Fox, and Warner Bros.) decided to sit the show out? None of them would talk to us on the record, but industry sources familiar said it was basically a cost-benefit analysis: None of the Hollywood giants have Oscar-friendly films opening now that are worth spending northwards of $1 million on an ad. Indeed, movies promoted during the Oscars, which tends to have a largely female, older viewership, should appeal to this audience. And while there aren't many movies like that coming up, there are a few that we think could've benefitted from Oscar exposure.

But we get the money thing. A $1.4 million -$1.7 million ticket for an ad is a lot, and the studios aren't in a position to be throwing around a lot of money these days. Fox, which also chose not to advertise during the Super Bowl, had a disappointing year at the box-office last year, Slumdog Millionaire notwithstanding. And when the studio recently reported its most recent quarterly earnings, film revenue for the quarter was down a shocking 72% year-to-year.

So, we'll help out the ailing Hollywood conglomerates pick out the films they should be promoting (for free, even!); just like the Oscars is doing, incidentally, via the clips from upcoming films that the show's planning to air at the end of the telecast.

Sony: It doesn't really have anything on its schedule this spring, but August release Julie & Julia, starring nominees Amy Adams and Meryl Streep, seems like such a perfect fit that the LA Times' Patrick Goldstein suggested it when he reported on the news of the Oscars removing its movie ad ban. Even Sony's Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth, pushed back to July from April, seems like it might work with the show's female audience. A source close to the situation said that The Ugly Truth was too far down on the release schedule to merit an Oscar ad, but there's not much more of a time gap between now and July than there is between the first week of February and late June, when movies advertised during the Super Bowl hit theaters.

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Acutally isn't it great news? The Ugly Truth is pushed into the summer, and holiday weekend in U.S... It means that the studio must think it will do very well...


Question: Should the Oscar's be saved? In my opinion...NO! Talk about an unimaginative group of voters...it is used to advertise movies that didn't do very well at the box office and ignore movies that did do well - and they wonder why viewership is way down...

Can you imagine ignoring Beverly Hills Chuachua? How did they manage to find all of those talking dogs?


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Question: Should the Oscar's be saved? In my opinion...NO! Talk about an unimaginative group of voters...it is used now to advertise movies that didn't do very well at the box office and ignore movies that did do well - and they wonder why viewership is way down...

I thought it was the most entertaining and wonderful Oscar presentation in years - maybe ever. Hugh Jackman was his wonderful self. I saw him in NYC a coupla years ago when he starred in "the Boy from Oz" and when he hosted the Tony's last year. He's a true song and dance man. The presenters consisted of big name stars & personalities even if they weren't in any "Academy-recognzied" films. Plus pulling 5 big naem stars in each major category from years gone by to introduce the nominees was brilliant.

The overall problem with the award selection is that more and more of the academy consists of small-time independent film winners - and they eschew the Hollywood blockbusters because they don't get to play in that game. Since the academy membership consists of past winners of the Oscar, the academy is more and more weighted toward small films.

There was an article talking about this in the New York Times this past weekend.

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Started watching the Oscars last night and to tell you the truth I only would flip back for those few moments Hugh was on. I think I was much more intrested in watching "Voces Innocentes" (translation: Innocent Voices) than the Oscars. But going back to the Oscars, Hugh did a pretty good job hosting the awards and Barbara Walters did an awesome job interviewing him before the awards. I started laughing when he did a lap dance for her, poor (lucky) Barbara. My favorite part of the opening was the Craigslist Dancers. >.<

The designer in me couldn't help but always look around the stage. Prior to the Oscars they showed the inspiration for the stage design/layout. I absolutely LOVE the 30's/40's and I think they integrated the idea very well and still made it unique.

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I, too, loved how they had the former winners come out and give a little speech for each nominee! That was a very good idea! Gives a chance for the former winners to shine again and give their acknowledgement to each nominee. It was awesome! I also loved Hugh! I never knew he was so multi talented!


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