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2/24 - Sex Pass List


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Online Daters Select Celebrities for Sexual Encounter Without Consequences

MIAMI BEACH, FL, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might have come up short on Oscar night but they scored big on a list about - well - scoring. In a new poll by leading online dating websites Date.com (www.date.com), Matchmaker.com (www.matchmaker.com) and Amor.com (www.amor.com), singles weighed in on which celebrities they would like to sleep with that gets a free pass from their significant other. And, while many couples hypothetically discuss what if scenarios regarding one night of passion with their celebrity of choice, we wondered the following: Which celebrity would most people want to sleep with that would get the green light from their loved one?

"This poll is the complete opposite of an indecent proposal. In fact, most men and women wouldn't just grant their significant others permission to go for it with their celebrity of choice - they'd brag about it all over town," said Shira Zwebner, Relationship Advisor for Date.com, Matchmaker.com and Amor.com. "Johnny Depp's appeal is more than just physical attraction, he is the complete package, and women envision that one night of passion with this Pirate will leave them more than just sexually satisfied. Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, tops this list because both men and women worldwide have crushes on her and - if she ever invited someone other than Brad Pitt into her bed - not even the most committed couple would walk away from that opportunity."

In a new survey of thousands of online daters nationwide, we asked: The sex pass list is a list of celebrities your loved one gives you the green light to sleep with, even though you're in a committed relationship. Who is tops on your sex pass list?

Following are the complete results:


Angelina Jolie 25.9%

Jennifer Aniston 24.1%

Halle Berry 23.8%

Penelope Cruz 22.4%

Eva Mendes 20.7%

Nicole Kidman 20.7%

Sandra Bullock 19.0%

Jennifer Garner 18.9%

Lucy Liu 17.2%

Reese Witherspoon 17.2%

Demi Moore 16.7%

Julia Roberts 15.5%

Kate Winslet 15.3%

Kiera Knightly 12.1%

Scarlett Johansson 11.8%

Natalie Portman 8.6%

Katherine Hiegl 6.9%


Johnny Depp 32.2%

George Clooney 29.0%

Will Smith 28.4%

Brad Pitt 25.8%

Matthew McConaughey 25.8%

Hugh Jackman 19.4%

Sean Connery 16.1%

Patrick Dempsey 12.9%

Tom Cruise 12.9%

Justin Timberlake 11.5%

Bruce Willis 9.7%

Howard Stern 8.4%

Robert Pattinson 6.5%

Jake Gyllenhaal 6.5%

Gerard Butler 3.2%

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While I don't share Landa's disdain for JD, I do agree that Gerry should have been higher on the list. Apparently, none you married ladies were asked to participate! Either that or too many husbands are too intimidated by Gerry and won't allow him on their wives' lists. :lol:

Yeah, I'm going with that theory ...

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I cannot believe Gerry landed at 3.2 percent!! Below Mr. Failure to Launch? Below Top Gun Cruise? Who does these polls anyway? There is no comparison to Gerard Butler - none. If anyone gave me a choice between any of these guys and Gerry, I'd have to laugh - this beautiful guy is in a league all his own.

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No, no, no, no, no, no

First of all, are you kidding me? Howard Stern????

Second, Gerry is not typical of me, I really wouldn't want a free pass with any of those guys, even if I needed one. It's not that I don't think some of them are attractive, because I do.

I just...........I don't know........

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Now ladies, those women are entitled to their opinion. lol I almost said that with a straight face! :funnyup:

To Quote a favorite lyric (Salt-n-Pepa 1993) "Opinions are like A$*holes, and everybody's got one."

They may not get the whole Real Man look, they think that movie stars should look polished and shaved and all made up everytime they go out. But we both know that our man, can and does pull of both looks verra verra well.

Okay, Off to work with me!


(long time GAL, who mostly lurks now.)

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HOWARD STERN beat Gerard Butler???? Come on......Posted Image

~HUGS~ Kathy

I know! Seriously...I think I've entered the twilight zone...that just can't be right...

Okay, I'm working on a new theory here. Howard Stern is a free pass, because they know none of the women would really want to be with him.

This logic also works for Gerry having a low %. They probably couldn't get a buy off.

All is well w/ the universe now.

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You know, I'm no prude, but I would never just consent to a one night stand with any of those other guys under any situation. But with Gerry? He's the only man I would ever consider having a one time sexual encounter with! My problem would be that once just wouldn't be enough! I wonder if they mean one encounter per night or can you have like more than one in a 24 hour period. Would this kind of be like Shop Til You Drop and the idea is to get as much in as you can in a set time frame? I need more information! :funnyup:


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Look on the bright side -

This was not conducted on a fansite. Most of you never saw this poll, most of his fans never saw it.

AND HE MADE THE LIST! Not any of a dozen other guys out there but HE did. Polls like this are always top-heavy with the "usual [boring] suspects" and despite this, HE MADE THE LIST!!!

Think of the dozens of other current male film stars who he beat out!


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I'd like Gerry on the bottom ANY time :pant: *cough, cough*. I think I need to lay off the Anise tea so late at night.

I too think the women who voted are entitled to their own opinion, but seriously Stern? Howard Stern? Ugh!

Okay back to my Anise induced hallucination. mmmm tea!

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