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Gerard Butler GALS

2/24 - Gerard Butler 0 Degrees of Separation


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from: http://www.phillychitchat.com/2009/02/gera...degrees-of.html

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GERARD BUTLER in NYC 6 Degrees of separation, oh wait I talked to him would that be 0 Degrees?

So I have been promising my Gerard Butler friend in the UK, Sharon, the info on the conversation with Gerard Butler that I had in NYC over Fashion Week, but couldn't tell her as I didn't know which part of the conversation might be written about in the paper where I submit such interesting things. So here goes (these are photos I didn't send to my agency)

There's no doubt that Gerard has a legion of fans, as they were the ones to recognize him first as he walked up to the Tent's last Monday night to catch the William Rast (Justin Timberlake) Fashion Show. I first noticed him as the women he was walking with had a huge azz fur hat on. I was going to snap her just for that hat, then these fans started screaming and I recognized him and ran over the poor guy didn't have a chance as I started to bombard him with Philadelphia questions

First the 6 Degree thing. I see Gerard Butler is on twitter, and commented that he didn't like a photo that I took that is on Gerard Butler.net

I read on CelebrityGossip.ie :

Gerard Butler was so pleased to see his face tattooed on a fan’s chest he took a photo.

The besotted admirer approached the actor at a New York Fashion Week after-party at Tenjune nightclub and professed his love for the Scottish actor.

He then lifted his shirt to reveal a torso completely covered with tattoos of scenes and characters from the film ‘300′, in which Butler starred.

The 39-year-old star - who played King Leonidas in the surreal epic about the Greek-Persian wars - was so amused he took a photo of the body art with his camera phone.

He was later seen showing the images to a group of models.

Gerard recently revealed he is constantly stopped by over-enthusiastic fans.

He said: “You get people in the street where they literally, at times, go crazy, ‘You don’t understand this was the best film I ever saw!’ And it’s the strength of that reaction that is most overwhelming.”

Gerard told me that he loves Philly, the food, the people, the accomodations (yeah I know where you are, I don't know why everyone else is so baffled even the press). I guess production stopped for a week because you were in NYC for the Fashion, and then at the Oscars.

There's no way you were back in time for filming on Monday, will you be back in time today?

for the ....Explosions from Holmesburg Prison in Northeast Philly tomorrow and Tuesday? The crew from Law Abiding Citizen will blow up a couple of cars on the set of the psychological thriller, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Regina Hall (Scary Movie) will visit toward the end of production next month to play Foxx's wife. (Remember I photographed Regina Hall that day with Jaime Foxx leaving the restaurant Parc a few weeks back)

read the rest of the story, and see the photos from HughE Dillon at his blog at PhillyChitChat.com

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:wave: Thank you Barb for that interesting article. I do not, for the life of me, understand how Mr. Butler keeps up the pace. I do know he looks very tired in alot of the pics I see. I hope he realizes he is wearing himself out and slows down a bit for the sake of his health.

I also would like to thank all of "the administration" of GBGALS, you all do such a fantastic job and I am honored to belong to the group.


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Even though we all know it, I still love it when Gerry gets such a rush from his fans and how much they appreciate it.


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I don't know how he does it, but I do know that when you love what you are doing, sometimes you can't get enough of it, your adrenaline is high and you find energy you never knew you had. The important thing is to take breaks, watch what you eat and get some exersize (and no smoking!). "Do you hear that, Mr. Butler?" I think probably one of the hardest things on a body is traveling between time zones. That jet lag is a b_____!

Thanks for the great article, B.!


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