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2/26 - Watchment: Inside the new movie

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Thanks MissElaine for the heads-up on this!

from: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20259927,00.html

'Watchmen': Inside Zack Snyder's Outrageous New Movie

Sure, all superhero movies are violent. But this one revels in blood, sex, and politics. It took 23 years to get to the big screen. Now, we're going to find out who can handle it. Are you ready to watch ''Watchmen''? by Jeff Jensen

from: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20259927_5,00.html

excerpt from page 5: Now Team Watchmen waits to see if any of that notoriety can help make them some money. With a $100 million-plus budget and a running time of 161 minutes, Watchmen will need to launch with a big opening weekend and strong reviews. ''The movie is impactful, tough, and true to the book that we all loved, and I'm very proud of it,'' says Robinov, who believes the film — every minute of it — has broad appeal. Snyder hopes the female fans he gained from 300 (and Gerard Butler's abs) will watch Watchmen, too, though it's hard to imagine that they'll be buzzing about this film in the same way. ''I think its human themes appeal to all,'' says Malin Akerman, whose character Silk Spectre is a knowing commentary on the obligatory superteam-sexpot heroine. ''But I do think men will have a much easier time swallowing all the violence.'' So, will geek love — and geek dollars — be enough? Snyder hopes so. He says he made the film for that crowd. ''I don't think there ever has been a movie more custom-made for them. Not at this scale,'' he says. ''And now they have an opportunity to really influence pop culture in a serious way, just as the comic influenced comics. They can say: 'These stories can be used to say something about the world. Give us more of them.'''

reade the entire article here

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