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Thought this might be of interest.

Funny how Phantom continues to inspire in all kinds of ways!


Too bad there aren't any pictures!

By Marcellous L. Jones

February 26, 2009

Paris, France - Happier and more spirited times are on the way for Spring/Summer 2009 according to Georges Hobeika. In this new collection inspired by the Phantom of the Opera musical, the couturier focuses on the opulent nature of his clientele.

The couturier immediately won over the audience with his superb cocktail dresses. Beaded, sequinned, draped, they naturally caused quite a stir. However, Hokeika's best work came in the form of his pleated dresses. They have structured elements which add excitement to the softer chiffons and shantung silks. His cocktail dress with wallet folding pleats is stunning. It is one of the rare cocktail dresses that we will see this season to be so elaborately done, yet still light on the eye. The cocktail dress is finished off with one of the 3 inch matching belts.

As a major accessory in the collection, the belts appear to be inspired from the ribbons that peppered the collection. We find them in the back of the dress on the bust around the shoulders and completely decorating the bodice of certain.

Though Hobeika's work in this collection has delicious embroideries, beautiful gowns and stunning cocktail dresses, one cannot ignore the fact that the collection is missing an essential ingredient that should define the collection as a whole.

All things in life need direction, including beauty. And other than certain songs heard during the show, the collection's Phantom of the Opera theme went by unnoticed. In the case of Mr. Hobeika, in order push him over that last hurtle to red carpet and true critical international acclaim, Hobeika must do more in order confirm the true DNA of his work and do more to align his collections behind a clear and present theme.

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If you go to http://www.georgeshobeika.com there are some pictures in the Couture section for spring and summer 09. I'm absolutely in love with the white flowing gown with yellow roses and the strapless gown near the end with the silver designs on the bottom. Its a lot of pastels, golds, and platinums/silvers.

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