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3/1 - What The Butler Said

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:wave: OMG, My Sweet Swannie,

You know me enough by now to know anything said bad or derrogatory about our Gerry is fightin' words in my book. I just told the guy to keep his mouth shut and I never went back to that site to even see if he said anything else. Gerry can be whatever he wants to be and I know that as far as I am concerned I love this incredible man for what he gives me! The feeling of being honest and caring and damn good acting. He makes me feel like a woman and he makes me laugh and he thrills me to my very core. I need to scream his name whenever I see him and it's so hard to keep it inside. He is so beautiful in my eyes. I accept Gerry for ALL that he is and he can do and be anything he wants, because I know he is a good and caring man. Remember, he is my first movie star crush in my 65 years of life and my last. Gerry Butler has something about him that just hit me like a ton of proverbial bricks the first time I saw that smile in "Mrs. Brown" so long ago. Each time I see him I get flutters in my tummy and he makes me soooooo proud. Even after twelve years, it's still the same. That is one of the reasons I am working sooo hard on this statuette that will be ready' come hell or high water', for the Convention. I am taking him in next week for critique and then molding and final prep for the pour!! I am so excited about this, I pray that not only will he garner a good price if you auction him off, but the one I will send to him, he eventually gets. (If I can get him to you in time.)

But never fear Swannie, I ignore those idiots that are talking through their bottoms. They are just jealous and when I look at Gerry I can see why!! He is the most gorgeous and incredible man ever!! :thud:

:archie: 's Ocean Gal, Jo

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When Gerry was dating the lovely Bianca, some delusional fans made it their business to spam her MySpace page and hunt down her contact info. There are some sick folks out there who don't recognize proper boundaries between themselves and the celebrities they admire. I think Gerry is wise to keep his dates, whoever they are, away from the public eye.


That's horrible! I had no idea! I would not call them fans, but definately delusional! That's the kind of thing that upsets me because I fear that fans are all lumped together by the media and this kind of thing puts us TRUE fans in a bad light! I'm so sorry that anyone would do something like that! What could they have possibly thought they would gain but Gerry's wrath!


D~isn't this exactly what I told you? This irritates me to no end so I have to chime in finally ...

This is probably one of the reasons Gerry keeps his private life private. And he has earned that, don't you all think? What right do we have to pry into his private life? I can sit here and gush and say things like, you ladies can be his surrogate mother - I'LL take the wife role - but when reality hits at the end of the day, Gerry is his own man with his own life. We're just fans. I think that what those people did to Bianca is deplorable. It's one thing to talk smack about his women between ourselves in privacy; it's another to take action against the woman.

If someone proclaims to be a fan and respects the man, you have to respect his decisions. As hard as it crashes into our fantasies, the reality is we have no claim to him whatsoever.

Mrs. L. Butler :rotflmao:

(because yes, it is fun to play on a fan board - that's what it's here for! and just for the record - if ever I was blessed to date him, you guys would never know about it)

I must be really niave! I guess I'm just a little ol' simple country girl after all!

Really, my fantasies were maybe to be his personal assistant. Keeping up with him would be quite a challenge, I'm sure. I like to make more achievable short term goals and work my way up, you know? :cunning: Kind of like Ms. Money Penny to James Bond kind of thing!

D :wave:

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But never fear Swannie, I ignore those idiots that are talking through their bottoms. They are just jealous and when I look at Gerry I can see why!! He is the most gorgeous and incredible man ever!!

Yes he is, Jo! Jealousy will rear it's ugly head just about anywhere and it's best to just let it go. We usually know more then they do anyway. That's our job as loyal, devoted fans! :drink:


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Since I got engaged my top fantasy would be as his Surrogate Sister! :tissues::bonk:

Congratulations! :yay:

Thanks you so much! :wuv:

My sweetie completes me in almost every way, so there's no place for Gerry in that department... :D

Unless, for a place as a big brother since I'm a only child, that would be awesome... or as a best friend... I'm not picky :p ... ok, maybe a BFF :cunning:

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I think he's a great actor and he's really,really good looking. I don't really get into the fantasy type stuff much,It's not that I think anything anyone is doing is wrong...I'm just not the overly gushing type is all. In public anyway :cunning::)

Regarding "fans" crossing the line. I was the fan of a sporting celeb for a long time,and I saw so called "fans" cross the line in a big way,stalking,stalking that persons friends and gf's,calling people's houses, etc...some really not so cool stuff. And it's people like that, who I call the "crazies" who make it hard for real,honest to goodness,nice,decent fans. Because "celebs" never know, if the person approaching them is ok or a crazy. And I think he's totally right to keep his private life private,it's not only for the sake of having some peace and quiet, but it's good for the safety of whomever he hangs out with.

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Hi Jo,

I hope you get this message as your inbox is full and I want to let you know about the Sunday Post mag that I have for you.


I am going to clean it out right now!!!!


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Great article!

"Approaching his 40th birthday (he reaches the landmark in November) he reveals something of a penchant for interior design."

Hello! I never knew we shared so much in common, especially a penchant for interior design. Hey Gerry, I need a partner in my firm! LOL! Now that would be a dream come true. Designing a room with Mr. Butler. I also totally understand the "about to turn 40, no kids and love my career". Sounds very familiar.


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A mature friend of mine was in a fortunate situation where she got to ask him a question and he refered to her as "Mum". She was (jokingly) disappointed by that but I would take what I could get (also being 'mature') and run with it! LOL

So while you all jockey for position as life-partner, I'm going to angle for 'surrogate Mum', a more realistic goal for me. (Can you ever be 'realistic' in a fantasy world??? :D ) Don't worry, I'm as besotted as anybody but even in my personal fantasies it's getting harder and harder to melt the years and pounds away to achieve a happy ending. :blush:

And on one thing, Kathy, we agree. Venomous toads who like to masquerade as ardent fans now and then are known for who they are by many.

But the only one who can say "trust me", who I will, is poor Phantom. And that ended up with severe property damage, physical assault, kidnapping and murder. Makes even a surrogate mom a little gun-shy. Know what I mean? :bonk::p


I for one will keep my fantasies happily far away fron reality! In my fantasies I can still be 29 amd 115#, not 60 and 200#!! :wuv::igotgals:

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Everything Gerry says is just common sence and understandable especially when he speaks about being in a "relationship". He comes across as being honest and he seems to know himself even if it is through trial and error, he learns and keeps reaching for those stars, he is competitive a workaholic a high acheiver. He is fearless a fighter. There is a lot churning in that brain and gut of his. He is always looking for work, he is always climbing a mountain as he has said I can do that and he has. He is very good looking and talented. He is a very good role model. Why did I say "MODEL" sorry.

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