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3/2 - Gerard Butler homesick


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Monday, March 2, 2009


Gerard Butler misses home

By Cara Sulieman


SCOTTISH hunk Gerard Butler misses his homeland - despite the fact

that he moved away as soon as he graduated in the early nineties.

The actor now lives in the US, but says that his heart will always be in Scotland.

He said: “I miss the people and the countryside. Scotland is such a

beautiful country and I know that whenever I return and look at that

it’s like big therapy for me, everything relaxes, and I’m inspired and

relaxed all at once.”

The P.S I Love You and 300 star insists that it isn’t just the beautiful countryside that he misses, but also the banter of the Scottish people.

He said: “I also miss the people, the humour.

“I was out with a buddy of mine in New York who is Scottish and my side was splitting, just the way he said things.

“I miss that about being in Scotland - that sense of humour, that sharpness.”

But if rumours are true, Butler may soon be back in the country making a new film about the life of Robert Burns - a project he has always been keen to do.

read the full story here

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Awww..Gerry, I hope the rumors are true and he does get to go home soon and film that wonderful movie about another great Scotsman!

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This article was quoted in a previous post, along with the article "What the Butler Said"

so I will close this thread...

if you'd like to comment you may add it to the thread here


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