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OK - Crazy fan not-everything-relates-to-Gerry time :bonk:

But. . . I've been watching a lot of CSI-NY reruns in the afternoon and some of their incidental music, particularly a few bars used in scene transitions, always reminds me of Timeline music. (There's another show that uses a few riffs of music that always takes me to the parachute scene in TR2. Coincidence? I dunno!) I've had this happen with other TV dramas, too, where all of a sudden a couple of bars of music will pull up a film reference that has nothing to do with what I'm watching.

I just wondered if any old film music does get recycled now and then. You know, for use as background and filler. Not every TV show, every episode, can afford a completely new score. Just curious. :hmm:


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Funny you mention this because the music to the series "Beauty & the Beast" was used on a Canadian series "Wind at my back". I have a cousin who told me that he bought one of the horses used in the movie "Timeline" because it was not saddle broke. Rather than spend the money to transport that animal after the shoot (which was done in the Laurentians not far from where I used to live "if I had only known at the time lol!" ; they put it up for sale. Derek breaks in horses for a living so bought it and promises to show me the photo of it as soon as he can find it.....waiting....still waiting!
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