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Thanks again Cut! 2009 organizers!!

Gold Dust Woman

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I had a great time this past weekend even though it was cloudy and cold at times! What's up with that? No clouds in the sky today, of course.

Cut! 2009 was so relaxing this year. I know you ladies couldn't really see that as busy you all were. You all deserve a vacation.

This particular part of Santa Monica was very accomodating also. Lot's of coffee shops and restaurants in the area and the parking situation was good if you didn't mind walking a block or two, and you already know how I feel about the theatre. Very nice!

The event was extremely well organized and of course I loved the freebies!!!

Saturday's film line-up was really enjoyable especially "Jewel of the Sahara" which was a first viewing for me. Very funny movie and after years of reading about JOTS I was surprised to see that I hadn't predicted that ending.

Just like last year though the Sunday panel equaled in entertainment (if not topped) Saturday's. Mark & Brian were great and I had never seen "Crank" before. I'm listening to the CD I won in the raffle here at work right now wishing it was yesterday again. *sigh*

"TouchMeTrustYou" (okay I know that's not your real screen name but it still funny) it was great meeting you briefly along with the two ladies who were from Florida. I hope everyone arrived home safely and will be back next year.

May I be the first to request that "Shattered" be considered for a future Cut! festival line-up? A couple of friends and I had dinner last night and we all loved the idea.


:hearts: Lori

Posted Image

Another pic. of Dr. Em and myself for my collection! :woo:

Off topic ~ For two years now I've been trying to get to "Fathers Office" after seeing on T.V. that they were ranked as having one of the top 10 burgers in the nation and I was very pleased to see it was just a few blocks down the street so a friend and I split a burger and sweet potato fries during Saturday's lunch break. It was very very good!!! We were two happy GALS!

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:rose:~ ... I'd love to add my thanks too for a really fantastic weekend & celebrating the CUT! II Anniversary with many of the original participants/audience ...

~ I love the Aero Theatre & the Santa Monica locale. Good ambience, especially for this type of venue. The Aero gave the festival an even more authentic & interesting atmosphere. I'm extremely partial to the 'classic' one screen theatres rather than any "Super" multi-plex no matter how many extras they may provide!

~ A very fun & interesting time! Looking forward to 2010 & mayhap another hamburger to share ... *or not* .... :watchclock:

Cheers! Musik Posted Image

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Wow, glad to read these posts! We were starting to wonder when stories would start flowing in! (Great pic of you and Dr. Em!!)

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Hi Lori

Whilst I too would love to see Shattered on the big screen I think they TRIED this year to get away from the Gerry connection - Although I ended up not going in the end I would have preferred Ariel to have shown Danika and not JOTS as I heard that was a great film. I bet Neveldine and Taylor day was a scream as I love Crank - very original and can be quite partial to a bit of Jason Statham from time to time.

It was disappointing to hear about low turnout as I know how much effort Dayna et al put into organising it all.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend.


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Whilst I too would love to see Shattered on the big screen I think they TRIED this year to get away from the Gerry connection

Well boooooooo to that! I love the fact that there's always some itty-bitty Butler tie-in at Cut, but if they do decide to disconnect I'll still continue to go for as long as I can. It's a fun weekend and so very informative.

Yeah regarding the low turn-out I was a little bummed at first because there were so many girls last year and it was really cool BUT (and this is a big BUT) the smaller crowd seemed to give the festival a much more relaxed feel to it and I digged that too. Weird as it may sound.

Thanks for the info. Moira. We missed you and Lisa, and Marg, and Shereine, and Kasey the list goes on and on and on. :pug:

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Cut was great this year - got to meet everyone up close and personal. Lots of pictures and autographs. The panels were interesting and funny, programs were well organized, and the food at Shin's was wonderful. Here are some of my pictures - hope you enjoy.

With the generousity of Milo V. (Heroes & up coming CITIZEN GAME) who bid on these two framed posters and then gave them to our Luvi (Julia) so she could give them to her 13 year old daughter at home. You rock Milo!!!

Posted Image Julia with her posters

I started a kissing marathon with these two new actors who couldn't have been nicer. We all wish them well in their careers. Ok girls I know who you are - so post those pictures. I had the nerve!

Posted Image Paul Winston (right) & Eric Egan (left)Posted Image Paul Winston & Eric Egan

Here are some others:

Posted Image Fergie, Me & Dayna

Posted Image Susan & I

Posted Image Libby & I at Shin's (Party time)


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Thank you so much to all of the CUT organizers.

It was a great time - even though econs kept people away a bit.

Fantastic group of presenters and films.

Yes, I am partial to Milo V. - what a doll and he also talked to my daughter, Berit, on the phone - she is still floating -She has the posters up in her room- I have to tether her to the ground each morning~ :kisswink:

Much Thanks! and already put my deposit down for two VIP tics 2010.

(That way it Spreads out the payments~) :p

See you next year to benefit Habitat!


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