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i have just received my copy of how to train your dragon and it was well worth the wait it was bloody brilliant. the action was breathtaking and lots going on all the time. the scenery was spectacular and hearing gerrys voice come out of stoick was amazing. i have heard it before in black freighter which was also good, but this had something different to it. i never saw this film at the cinema and usually i go and watch gerrys films twice within a couple of weeks of each other, but because the cinema would have been full of kids, i thought that would spoil it for me. i usually go when its fairly quite and i can appreciate the film, and, of course, gerry better. its like my own personal performance for me only. i also like craig fergussons, gobber. i thought he was hilarious in it, and perhaps the funniest. all the main characters were great, especially the kids when they were in dragon training. i couldnt stop laughing. this film is for everyone as it is so clever the way it was done. no wonder it took 3 years to make, as there was so much in it.

well done dreamworks.

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Did anyone else catch the reference to a couple of Gerry movies during the film?

Spoiler alert:

During the battle with the dragons, one of the boys shouts that someone fights like Grendel's wife and the other is at the end of the movie, when Gobler gives toothless a new tail, its red with a Phantom mask on it.


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