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One More Kiss


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Dear Constituents~

I must concede that the whole kitchen scene in "One More Kiss' must be re-written. If the said character ~Sam was to move towards me and put his fine arm around my neck and pull me in everso close and then... placing his ~ Oh! So beautiful lips upon the curve of my neck. Let me just say.. For the love of God! More would have happened upon the stainless steel of that prep table behind him than a quick snap of that towel to his arse!! Need I say~ Should I get a ruling on such an act of pure, unabandoned passion such as Sam's lips upon this very fortunate woman's mouth. If that were your lips? Yes! That is what I thought~ Tall, Dark and incredibly sexy! "GJB"~ Your height makes the court weak. Sam~ You are a man to celebrated from breakfast to bed. Bedtime begin the climax of this incredible evening!!! Just some evidence to give the court. Hopeful, not to be held in contempt.

Viva La 69!!!

To the incredible left corner of Gerry's ..Oh! so exquisite mouth...And the sensuality of his bottom lip. If it pleases the court, we would like to enter this into evidence.

Soft and lovely~ Court reporter,

The holder of "G's" briefcase~ amoungst other things


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