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Gerard Butler GALS
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RNR~ Come on IN?

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I just wanted to add to what the Gals have already shared in regard to Rock n Rolla. I lOVED THE MOVIE!

I just love to see Gerry~ Dance! Damn! Is there anything that Gerry doesn't do well? Our tall, dark, light eyed, left corner sex and charm within the realms of that magnificent smile man of the hour! That's a mouth full! LOL I just love it anytime when Gerry has the opportunity to say~ f*@k. And the idea that he would be standing at an intercom telling me " Well! You better come in then". Ladies! Our Gerry is the most wicked kind of pure unleashed bliss! To Gerry~ You are loved my friend~ You and your wickedly sexy boyish grin! The all time Scottish version of "Cool Hand Luke". Keep on goin!, Mr. OneTwo~ Your turning us on morning, noon and night!

As you said to Mumbles~ I'll make it worth your while?

We intend to make it worth yours....

Long, Legged, Louboutin Litigator,


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