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Gerard Butler GALS

You know the Rules that were Made to be Broken?

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I. Registering

1. Choose a long and interesting nick that stands out: PHANTOM_RULEZZ, ILoVeEriksPaNTs, XXXAgnel_Of_Ruals_PronXXX, ph@ntom145^_^. Capital letters and numbers are compulsory!

2. Fill in every possible field in your profile. That way you'll have more buttons.

3. Choose a colourful, flashy avatar full of moving things. The more movement, the better. It should be as bigger as the forum allows.

4. Put a big picture in your signature - a wallpaper for example.

5. If you receive a rank you are a semi-GOD!

6. Register more than once, it's free!

II. The beginning

1. You should have an unique writing style... 'f0r xAmPlE tHisS 1 is gReAt!'

2. Somebody will tell you to read the forum rules. Don't read those for God's sake! Most people haven't read the constituion of their country and you are asked to read the rules of some forsaken forum on the Net. This is ridiculous. Besides reading the rules will bore you to death.

3. Find out who the 'bosses' are. Send them 'hi! how r u? what r u doing?' PM's regularly. Behave as though you are best friends with them.

4. Always ask how to become a mod, start at least one thread about it.

5. Remember: the most important thing is to have as much as possible posts/comments (this is the constantly increasing number at your profile page)!

III. Threads

1. Use mostly 'HEEELP!!11', 'PLS READ', 'PROBLEM', 'QUESTION' for subjects. And if you want to post something interesting you should use a subjects like these: 'CLICK HERE', 'READ THIS', 'LOOK HERE', etc.

2. Take pains to start a new thread for everything you don't know or are unsure of.

3. If nobody answers in the next couple of minutes start posting comments in it: 'anybody else here?', 'hellloooo!!!!! will anybody answer?', 'come one! doesnt anybody knows???!!!', etc.

4. Post your threads in at least two categories of the forum.

5. It isn't important where you post your threads. There are specially appointed people who will move the threads to the right place. Don't worry about it.

6. Start threads about the threads that you have started.

IV. Posting comments/answering to threads

1. Your answer/comment shouldn't be more than one line or 3-4 words the most. Divide it to seperate posts. It will increase those numbers at your profile page. It may increase your rank too.

2. If somebody has a different opinion than you, tell him/her that they are an *hole. Do it at least on PM's if not in the thread.

3. Use lots of smilies. Use at least three of every type. ::D: :dance3: :rant: :inlove: :mopboyjackie: :gerrygasm:

4. Use the buttons for decorating the text: 'this is sooo kewl'...

5. Vote in every poll. If you don't feel like reading what the poll is about just vote for the first option. Don't forget to post in the thread (or better in a new thread - those numbers in your profile should be kept rising) what you voted for.

6. On threads that you are incompetent to answer wait for somebody else to do so. Then post 'i think so, too' or 'i was just going to say the same thing', etc.

7. when posting there is no such thing as the shift key or punctuation dont use them ever


9. Any words or sounds that can be replaced by numbers should be (ex: gr8t, me 2, wat was that 4?, etc.)

10. Use netspeak whenever possible. Don't worry about the people who can't understand it, it's their fault anyway.

11. Disrespect those who have higher rankings than you (they know abosolutely NOTHING about the forum), the mods and the admins.

12. post totally random, HUGE pictures that strecth the page. Everyone knows we love 'em.

VI. The end

One day you'll get tired of the forum. Then swear at the admins. You would probably be banned but continue cursing the forum on other forums.

Found on a PotO forum I'm part of. They got it from someone else, who got it from someone else, etc. Who knows who actually wrote it. And I had to add Jackie b/c he's my current fav mopboy. Heehee

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I notice posts with all the "identifying characteristics" you relate to in your post. Then, I remember a time in my life when, a bit less mature than I am now, I found much pleasure and fun and at just the opportunity to "join in" and be heard in my own style in some sort of community connection.

As with any other group, there are going to be some people/posts that you are drawn to and others than you may not feel the same affinity for. As with television, radio, or internet, we always have the opportunity to become involved only with those that we find consistent with our own interests.

Bless us one and all, thank God for our individuality, and our varied ages and experience. It's my hope that everyone here can feel comfortable speaking in their own valid voice and appreciated in their own right.

We're all connected.

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That's funny! I've seen something like this before! I have noticed people with the caps and colorful stuff, too! It's ok for a while, but it starts to dizzy the brain after a while!

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