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Vegas Attendees - Do we have a list?

Knight Phantom

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Hello all you wonderful and awesome Mods!

I was curious, do we have a confirmed list of attendees? I'm too lazy to look through the Registration thread.


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As was stated last year, due to "security issues" which we've dealt with in the past, a decision was made to keep the list of attendees confidential.

HOWEVER, if you'd like to announce that you'll be in Vegas, please feel free to do so in this thread.

Okay, so far we have:

Almadenannie (Annemarie)

Beejay (Barbara)

Bellawolfe (Bella or Erica)

Binkie (Binks ~ Bianca)



Cybrsal (Sally)

Deliaanode (Delia)

Gemstone (Patricia)

ginnywhit (Ginny)

Iliessa (Cheyenne)


Knight Phantom (Deb - keeper of Gerry's jeans)

Lady Elissa, PAL Good Sport Bill and (the gorgeous) Erin

LeslieD (Leslie)

Mistaya (Dede)

Paisleyscot (Cheryl)

Poppy (Linda)

RandomLanda (Landa)

RezzRN (Naoma) and daughters Samantha and Charlotte


Songbird (Katie)

Spot and Big Mike


tlhtx (Tina)

Texas Grandma (Suzie)

TheBlonde (Kristine-KB)

Touchmetrustme (Libby)

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Thanks for the clarification Katie!

Could you please add Miss Sally (cybrsal) to the list? I know she won't mind.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see all me girlies!

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HELLO LADIES: I will be there in vegas am SO,,,,, excited. My friend CeeCee on GALS AND GBNET, will be going too. We are both going to our first convention. and it is my first time in vegas. it will be a week after i turn 50!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dede

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I'll be in Vegas too ... probably arriving on Thursday. Looking forward to the fun!


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WOOOT looks like a good line up for Vegas!!!! LOL :pointy:

Please ADD me to the list. I'm gonna be painting the town RED (i may need bail money!!! HAHAHA)

Bianca "binkie" Lopez :wave:


Big Hugs


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