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Gerard Butler GALS

New LAC poster


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This is great!!!

Do you guys think that the premiere will be in Philadelphia?

If so, I'm definitely going. :yay:

That's a good idea. It would be a good idea since they spent so much time there and spent so much money on the city. I think it would be a great way to say a final thank you.

Oh, it would be an excellent idea. I could be there in just 2-3 hours.

I have not met Gerry yet and it's about time. :wuv:

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It's always hard to tell where a premiere will be. I was sure that PSILY would premiere in NYC since so much of it filmed there but instead it premiered in Hollywood. I guess it depends more on what the studio wants for publicity purposes.
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Whoever took the photos of both this and Gamer saw something that we have known for years that Gerry's best feature is his eyes and both these posters really emphasise them immensely.

I think the posters alone hanging in a movie theatre will attract alot of female swooning wub.gif


well said moira. i hope they stay with these posters :yummy: Edited by Anileydis
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im just getting used to the excellence of the gamer poster. it is so ingenious and portrays what the film is about, in the fact that its someone messing around in your head, particularly in a game form, then you gives us this brilliant poster for lac as well, in which it seems like a hologram. as you are watching foxs body gerry appears. absolutely fantastic. along with the ugly truth, this is truely a great year for our gerry in particular finishing it off hopefully, with bounty hunter and we hope burns and bringing the year to a brilliant end by celebrating his 40th birthday in his native scotland with family and friends. it couldnt get any better for him.

rock on gerry and all his associates in the butler domain.

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