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Gerard Butler GALS

GAMER better quality trailer caps


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I added some better quality and some new image screen captures from the HD trailer...

much nicer looking ;)

some examples

Posted Image Posted Image

ooh, and I lightened these and now you can see the 'wound/bruise' more clearly :p

Posted Image Posted Image

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Thanks Barb.!

I really love the first one where he walks.

Me, too - me, too. I love to watch his walk - I love the way he just plants his feet so definitely - love it!

And thanks, Barb for these!


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Leonidas is back to the future!

I know this seems wierd...not really wierd wierd but wierd - looking at this photo of GB I immediately thought of Leonidas and how this character's expression, cuts and bruises and all, reminds me of the character of King Leonidas. At first glance I thought of Leonidas reincarnated in the future.

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