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Gerard Butler GALS

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So I've thought many times, "What legendary movie star does Gerry remind me of." And for me, I have always thought he was like Clark Gable.

Having said that, I must admit, though Clark Gable was dead before I was ever born, I have always loved the man. The sparkle in his eye, the way of his smile, the look of "come hither." *sigh* Yes, Clark Gable had it going on! :inlove:

He was also, charismatic, playful, sexy as :swear:, passionate, was ALL man, and seemed to love all women.

Not to mention what a great actor he was! I don't think there was a film he made that I didn't like. There is just something about Clark Gable that could make any movie a good movie.

Now, compare our Gerry to him. Yeah, my vote is for Clark Gable.

What say you?


Dr. Em

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I was watching a silent film a month or so ago, and was really struck by how much the male leading actor reminded of Gerry's performance in Phantom. I don't know who the man was, but he conveyed so much through his facial expressions, and there was a luminescent, almost magical sexuality about him.... as I also saw in Gerry's Phantom. I found myself wondering if Gerry has watched and studied the silent era, learning to use all the features and muscles of his face as those actors did.

Gerry also remnids me of CG Dr Em, so elegant yet rugged at the same time. I have a feeling CG fans felt the same way about him as we do about our Gerry.

One thing is for certain, Gerry possesses a mysterious quality lacking in many of todays current crop of popular stars. He is so versatle in the roles he can play. He is handsome, masculine and romantic... but there is a rawness and honesty in his performances, the actors of the 30's and 40's rarely achieved. James Dean came close, but he was so over the top and stylized, while Gerry's characters are more believable and subtle.

So in short I would say that Gerry's has the Stardust of the actors of yesteryear, along with the deeper emotional core of today's less glamorous best actors (Tom Hanks).

Our man is running on all cylinders. He's got it all goin' on!


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Ooo this is a good one.

Actually just yesterday I was watching this old movie "Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N." from like the 1950's with Gregory Peck in it and for some strange reason I kept thinking of Gerry! It was really funny. Can't you just see Gerry in a remake of "A Roman Holiday"? hmmm maybe "A Scottish Holiday" :;): Anyway... yeah so... Gregory Peck definitly! :drool1:

((btw Dr.Em I love your avitar!!))


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I can't think of anyone I'd compare Gerry to... there certainly have been lots of great looking guys out there, good actors too, and some that have inspired droves of fans, but in my mind there is no one quite like Gerry.

Most of the people I'd even consider comparing him are long dead and I didn't really even know much about them. The only real actor I'd compare him to now, strictly on a professional and ability at their craft basis would be Gary Oldman who is an amazing actor but falls short for me in the raw sex appeal department.

I'm so glad he came along! Makes my day. ::D:

(I forgot you said "legendary" duh, sorry)

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The intensity of his eyes, really reminds me of Gerry. BTW, Turner Movie Classics plays silent films each Sunday evening. I have begun watching them as often as I can. Some are so beautifully photographed, and the style of acting si so intriguing. I think Rudolph Valentino must have also had some of that "Gerry" mystique. Although I have never seen one of his films, I recall hearing that women were known to get the vapors in theaters.


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WOWEEEE..... Of course I would have to go and google John Gilbert and now I think I may have fallen off into the Twilight Zone. Swan, did you see his list of film credits? Is this a coinky-dink or reincarnation? One of the few talkies Gilbert strarred in was The Phantom of Paris, based on a Gaston Laroux novel. This character wasn't the opera's phantom, but an escape artist, best I can learn from the scanty info I was able to find. Still almost too uncanny.

Hate to hear you are sick, Bonnie. Please take care of yourself and get better really soon.

:lustylunatic: Libby

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Ok.. I have been wracking my brain. I'll have to go with two:

Spencer Tracey. Yup, that guy! He was macho, funny, and could also play sensitive roles with conviction. He had a much more common man look, but the depth of his acting could really make you see an attractiveness in him. And hey... if he was good enough for Katherine Hepburn, he's good enough for me.

Then, on the other side of the spectrum, we have Carry Grant. Beautiful to look at, and with a wonderful quiet deportment about him. He had a natural sense of humor, but could also play a role with sensitivity, . Unlike Gerry, he was typecast quite a bit, and bemoaned the fact himself... but like Gerry, he never considered himself 'sexy'. Regardless, he had a magnatism that drew so many women to him.

Take these two and lump them together into one person, and I think we have something approaching Gerry. Just my humble opinion... ya'll can tell me I'm crazy now. LOL

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Dr. Em, I have to go with you on the Clark Gable resemblance to Gerry. They were both devastatingly handsome, flirty, very masculine, talented actors, but they had that something else that made them stand out from the crowd of other goodlooking actors. Both had a wonderful sense of humor and a core integrity that shone through in every role they played, as well as in their personal lives. My mother-in-law knew Clark Gable when he was stationed in El Paso during WWII, and she said that he was just a regular guy and that everyone really liked him. He had no airs of pretension and didn't judge anyone. Sound like anyone we know?

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My all-time #1 favorite male movie star is..... (drum roll)


I just love him and admire him so verrrry much. At the recent Golden Globe Awards, when he was awarded his Lifetime Achievement Award, he thanked all the backstage people - the electricians, the costume crew, the set designers and painters, the makeup crew, the technicians, the props people, the guys who lug cable and heavy stuff long past the hours when the actors have left the set. He thanked the caterers.

Now this is a man who understands the whole picture. And for me, as one who loves all the behind the scenes stuff and who has painted sets, made props, built a chandelier, worked on makeup, moved sets, I truly appreciate his remembering that it is a conglomerate of people who put on a production.

Someday when our Gerry wins a big award, I can see him appreciating everyone too. Maybe even his GALS will be mentioned.


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