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Nathan Allen Pinard

"A Cup For You" Re-released!

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One of the first projects Nathan Allen Pinard was involved in was a inspirational worship album that was a family project. The result was lots of experience working with musicians, writing parts, sequencing, performance, and working with as well as learning from top grade studio engineer, Steve Sundholm.

As a result, there are a number of contacts that Nathan has recieved, and projects he has been a part of specifically because of this project.

“A Cup For You” was a CD that was self-released long ago, and rarely has been seen in any kind of store. However, due to the convenience of the internet today, we’ve decided to re-release A Cup For You for only $6.99 on Amazon.com for digital download!

Excerpt from CD inlay:

“A collection of original inspirational/worship songs featuring Nathan Allen Pinard’s unique orchestral arrangements using both synthesized and acoustic instrumentation. This album of worship is the personal expression of Bonnie Anne’s faith and love in her Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.”

To the GALS:

This is kind of what started it all. This was our first family project in which we wanted to produce something a little different than what the Christian community was used to hearing. However, it was a bit too early for that.

This CD contains a lot of unique arrangments, which are not entirely similar to what you hear from me today. This CD is probably responsible for a lot of artists I've worked with thanks to the contact of the lead engineer, Steve Sundholm.

I've decided to release this on Amazon.com, because the CD was never fully released in the first place.

If you end up buying this album, PLEASE submit a review to Amazon.com!

Purchase “A Cup For You” at Amazon.com for only $6.99!

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