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Gerard Butler GALS

2009 Whitney Art Party - NY

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Do you think Gerry actually enjoys socializing with these upper crust socialites? :)


I think Gerry enjoys socializing with people from all walks of life. That is one of the benefits of having a fine education, and of being a world-traveler. He can fit in, nearly anywhere. He is photographed at many charity and fashion industry events, so it would logically follow that he must derive some enjoyment from attending. Of course, we benefit from seeing him looking great in designer clothing. :wuv:


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But I am not into sharing if I ever got my hands on him I would be very selfish :behave:

andrea 71--- your siggie really is :jawdrop::yummy: I don't know if my old heart can take that

Thanks for the compliment. As I have said in another post, this picture is the second most moving piece of art for me after Michelangelo's Pieta. The most sensual, beautiful piece of art about love. It says all; the eyes, the bodies, the hands.

Now this was so off topic, sorry!

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So much of this public display of charity is the new way to get publicity and to make the public think you really care. It is a net working frenzie hoping they will appear on page six for their short lived careers. Just the nature of the game, nothing wrong with that. I think GB.net and GBgals do a bang up job for selected charities in Gerry's name. It is part of GB's business and more so since he became a producer. In Gerry's case you gotta do what ya gotta do, make appearences even if it is in one door and out the next. I do not pretend that this is Gerry's case but it is the nature of the business. The "G" man I'm sure has his georgeous eyes wide open and is "looking" for every opportunity, if you get my drift.

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Thanks for sharing this :)

awww..only one pic

He has got a look on his face like he is thinking :

"Oh Snap! They found me! sh$%!" lol :funnyup:

The Whitney has some horrific art well at least when I go there.

I think you had to bid on a piece of artwork and they donate the money from the sales

I'm not sure about that but hey at least it's for charity but the pieces on sale were not to my liking

btw...forgot to add because someone asked 'm a brunette that never went blond ;)

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