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Gerard Butler GALS

Virtual Con: 'The Connection'Cafe


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Holly reads what Gerry has written on Dear Frankie Script (Thurs night)-


Holly and the Gals say bye from the Hospitality suite (Thurs night)


Gaelic Gutter Gab for GALS (clip from Fridays workshop - very adult language) -


The Gals at the above workshop say hi to the virtual con -


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THANKS SO VERY MUCH to Barb and Stuart for making such a fun 3 days for those of us

who couldn't go to Vegas. I also want to thank Holly, and everyone else at the Con in Vegas

who worked from that end to allow us to be a part of the festivities.

I was not able to participate as much as I would have liked, but I really did enjoy keeping up

with all of you here at the Virtual Con.

Thank you,


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I too was not able to participate much in the Virtual Con (Fri night: play, sat nite: recital). But from all that I read it was a great success. Kudos to all who worked to make it so! :claphands:

I will start praying now that I will be able to attend the con next year. It was a real bummer not being able to go this year. I missed everyone so much. :unsure:

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Patsy my friend...another fabulous poem! You captured the Mariner perfectly!

Congratulations Barb on your award! You surely deserve it...you are an inspiration to all of us.

I'm sorry I wasn't here too much during the VC, but I've been enjoying all of the videos from Las Vegas. You GALS sure had a lot of fun, thanks for sharing everything!


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Barb, congratulations on your very well deserved Award. :clap:

Thanks Marg, Dianne, Anna and Barb for your kind comments re the poems. :metoyou: I'm pleased that they may have brought a little something to the Virtual Convention for another year.

Anna ... I hope you're keeping a look out in case we get any UK premiere info re TUT. :cloud9:

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