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Just saw the gals in Vegas watching POTO on TV. How cool is that! Stuart is doing a great job. He asked for our names so they could tell the gals who was watching. This is really a neat idea have a live streaming video.


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Sorry GALS and Stu, I was there in chat till the screen went blank and I could not see anything on the screen or chat. Refreshing did no good. It was really neat though, I did see them at first! Good work, Stu, Barb and everyone! :wave:


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"Sweet Gerry Dreams" to those of you signing out for the night. I am sorry I missed out on

the chat and live stream earlier tonight, but I'll be checkin' it out tomorrow for sure! And

again, "Thank you." to Barb and Stuart and everyone else who is making this possible.


Judy P.S. In 28 days and about 12 hours I plan to be sitting in my local theater for the first

showing of TUT!! It won't be long now.......

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I missed the con stream! It seems like I'm always making dinner when stuff happens around here! Hubby did not get home till 10:00 tonight, and that's when we ate our dinner.

Now I'm stuffed, ugh!

So I'm gonna be awake for awhile! What should I do? *drums fingers*

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Hi, I left some things off my virtual con wall.

Joined: 7-January 08

I joined one week to the day after I joined GB-net, but Gals captured me more.

I attribute it to the Gerrymoticons.

I first joined to share my videos.Jessie told me about Gals and GB-Net.

I think I put some things up

What brought me to Gals was actually Megerik and Erik period.

Posted Image

Posted Image

That's why I like these pictures.

A Quote I use elsewhere explains why the pairing Megerik means so much to me.

Like an epiphany through my sobs I cried out, "The blond, she follows him beyond the glass."

That is when my first attempt at fan fic 25 pages front and back through tears.

Then You Tube let me see POTO videos they were cross referenced with Gerard Butler interviews. Like I said before Jessie lef me here.

The staff and others gave me a hearty welcome here.

Peggy aka ChaChaBaby became my first Gals Homie and I love her to pieces. We share some of the same interests.

I am not jealous of the people that went to Vegas, because I would be terrified I went.

I do not really care if I ever meet Gerry. I am quite satisfied watching his work on my Television and Computer.

I want to see him win an Oscar. I think he deserved one for POTO and 300.

I was tickled pink when a commercial came on for The Ugly Truth today.

As for Jen and Gerry. I would never want to pick who someone sees in real life. She's engaged and Gerry, I really don't know his status and when he wants me to know he will tell.

Gerry and Jen are what characters I write look like and that is why I like those pictures. However due to health reasons I cannot write anymore not on going fan fiction anyways. I have no retention and I catch myself contradicting myself within a couple paragraphs.

I never was a writer. I just played with it.

My true calling I believe was that of a wife, mother, mother in law,grandmother and cat owner.

Anyways before I write a book here, I need to shut I suppose. I have insomnia and I am on medicine for various illnesses so if this whole post looks stupid. Delete it.

I have no pics of me at a convention as I have never been to one. I was here for last years virtual convention.

I hope the Gals in Vegas are having fun.

Special Shout Out to Chey, MommaBear Loves you. Have a great time, Doll!!!



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Return love for hate. Return peace for war. Return forgiveness for revenge. Return patience for intolerance. Return kindness for cruelty. Return concern for apathy. Return faithfulness for infidelity. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Another quote I wrote when I learned a Gal's hubby passed away. Except for Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. I cannot take credit for that.

Viewing My Profile pretty much tells you a lot about me.

Love ya all,



I did manage to write a Dear Frankie after the ending story. I don't know whether it is good enough or not. I gave it a lick and a promise with what is left of brain cells.

Edited by JustCallMeTracy
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:wave: Hi Everyone,

I'm here and ready to go.........but you are all in bed!

Haven't seen anything from Vegas as yet, I'm off to school with the children, Open day/Sports day, dressed like this! ( posh Prep school) and it's going to rain, I am really wishing I was was in Vegas right now.

Himself snapped me,

Posted Image

I'll be ready to 'partee' later.


Anna X

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I've been reading the real time tweets about Gerry on Twitter. Seems quite a few folks are tweeting about seeing him around filming on the East Coast, and others have been extras in the movie. Mostly they have nothing but nice things to say about him, and the women always mention how gorgeous he is.

That just makes me feel good.

I'm heading off to bed now. You prolly won't see me back on the board till around 10:00 or so. Hope I get a good night sleep because the sleep has been pretty spotty lately. The good new is, I feel like I'm finally narrowing down the causes of my gluten poisoning, and now that I've changed my lipstick and toothpaste, I am feeling better. Who knew toothpaste could make you sick?

I guess I'm so tired, I'm just rambling.

Good night, everyone!


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Hi Gang!

Just had my first day here in Vegas! My feet are killing me LOL!

I love puuting names to the faces. I'm rooming with Binkie, what a hoot! I spent the day with Poppy, Donna, Celine, and Lugerry.

Met Dayna, Isabue, and Songbird tonight. I

l'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm pooped and have to go to bed.

Love ya,


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Good Morning Ladies or Goodnight whereever you may be.

I can't believe it has been a year since I was at my first Gerard Butler Fan Convention. It truly is a great weekend if you ever get the chance to attend it. Putting faces to names and just hanging out with a great bunch of women from all walks of life.

I hope the passing of Michael Jackson does not make Las Vegas too sombre a place this weekend as this is just such a major loss and huge deal going by the outpouring of grief and coverage on the tv over here in the UK. I expect if there are major Michael fans amongst the Gals in Vegas this will be a surreal weekend for them - trying to enjoy all things Gerry whilst being in shock at Michael's death.

I'm with you all in spirit.


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Good Morning GALS and PALS

I hope everyone enjoys Las Vegas. The only Convention which I attended was in Glasgow in 2007. I'm going to the one this year too and looking forward to meeting up with friends once more.

Swannie ... thanks for the information regarding the tweeting. I don't tweet at all so it's always nice to be aware of all the positive comments which are out there.

Now ... we're all nearer to the weekend so I thought I'd add another poem to keep things rolling along. Here is something a little different.

Posted Image

The Game

On a field of green they stood their ground and met the very best

They played the game so valiantly, passing each and every test.

From different walks of life they came, this little band of men

They met and played with England's finest, led by Mortensen.

They were the underdogs it's true but that only gave them fire

To strive and struggle to overcome was their heart's desire.

As time ticked by they held their ground and near the end it came,

A stunning goal which sealed the match and gave to them great fame.

They did their country proud and won a victory supreme

And in so doing realised their own deep seated dream.

It happened many years ago and time's not dimmed their name,

They played, they won but most of all they surely played the game.


I hope you like it. More will follow. Have a nice day everyone.

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I have never twitted. Hubby's and my 30th anniversary is July 14th. We bought one of those cameras that you turn the whole thing in at Walmart and made pictures last year. I hope to do that again this, but then it will too late to share them with y'all for virtual con. Sorry. LOL not that you want to look at moi' anyway.

I hope all of you ladies that have been to the convention before are enjoying your fond memories.

Swannie, I know you have a wonderful convention and Gerry memory.

May all of you be blessed today.

I love you all,


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:wave: GOOD MORNIN"!!!

This is soooo exciting and I am going to work me arse off learnin' how to see everyone!! But I know one thing for sure, every single GAL will be one of the most beautiful people I will ever see.

I sorta feel like I'm there!

Love and lots of Hugs and have a lot of fun for us that can't be there. :tissues:

I love my GALS!!!

:archie: 's Ocean GAL forever, :wuv:

Jo :pointy:

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:wave::hello: gals!

Tracy! Oh, my gosh. Sure hope you will feel better soon ~ my thoughts are with you. Your posts were very sweet and made sense for sure! :metoyou:

Anna~lookin' stylin' for Sports Day! Hope the weather is beautiful, and that you and the grandkids have fun and laughter. Thanks for sharing a photo, it's good to 'see' you!

Swannie, hope you did get some restorative Zzz's - I have a bad autoimmune system which revolts against more and more 'external' items every year. :rose:

Patsy, :claphands: love your little Con goodies! :thankyou:

:wave: Moira, Joanna :wave:

Cheryl!! Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to photos from you and the other gals in Vegas!

As for the streaming video with scotsmanstuart...

I'd suggest the following:

HOW TO: Clear Cookies and Cache Internet Explorer and Firefox

then log-in to:

Gerard Butler Virtual Convention Channel and use 8772 as the "access code."

That should get you 'in' while an event is 'straming'...otherwise it's just Gerry clips playing as 'filler'

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:wave: Sweet Tracy,

Know you are in my prayers starting right this very minute!! I am so sorry time just slips right away with the everyday junk that takes up the time I want to use to 'talk' to my GALS. Especially you! You are one of the longest running fans I first met here in this Gerry haven of fan-love and devotion! You should not have any problems, you are too sweet to be suffering from anything. I will pray HARD for my sweet Tracy Baby. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! Tell hubby he is a wonderful man and he deserves you!

Back to the Cafe' and watch "Dr. Who, the Tom Baker years. I started it last night and had to stop to go and get my car for my daughter to use as they lost their car as well as their house. He can't find a job. I guess this an everyday happening now to so many, it is a real shame today in this country as well as elsewhere.

Hugs and Lots of Love, My Sweet Tracy!! :wuv:

Your Jo and friend forever! :pointy:

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Took a bit to get here, but here's a little something to keep your day on the right track.

Posted Image. click this. It's a slideshow

The Divine Miss S :rose:

Edited by Miss S
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Miss S that was gorgeous! :wuv: Those are some of the best pictures of Gerry to date.

Morning my Sistahs. I'm awake, but have a headache. I'm very tired today. I had a great workout yesterday and I think I need a day off and then go back tomorrow.

Here are some of my favorite pics of Gerry winking ... I adore his wink ...

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

Edited by phoenixgirl
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Lovely, Miss S! nice slideshow!

Lisa, I knowwww! Posted Image Feel better~ :rose:

Joanna! sorry to hear about the flooding and other bad news. Your family is in my prayers.

We just had our a/c tuned up... and it's running first day of the season - we run it pretty warm, but at least it takes the gross humidity out of the air! Now our allergies won't 'kill' us, either! Yea!!!

Off to get my second cuppa...and believe me I make full-bodied strong coffee!Posted Image

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Miss S

Excellent job! Most beautiful and perfect man on this planet!

Full of energy, full of life!!!

Edited by andrea71
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Phoenix, my favorite wink in your grouping is his character Gerry Kennedy. Watched my "choice" bits last nite from PSILY & that's one of them. I get a little tingle each time I see Gerry K. wink.

The Divine Miss S :rose:

Off to create another slideshow for "me girlies"...or in this case, due to the ACTUAL & VIRTUAL conventions this weekend..."Me GALS".

Edited by Miss S
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