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Gerard Butler GALS

Dear Frankie...Final Production Notes, interviews, more

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Final Production Notes for Dear Frankie,

in PDF format (for on-line viewing or downloading) may be found here.

(I downloaded them, and the site is 'safe'! :D )


Gerard Butler on "Dear Frankie," Playing The Phantom, and His Fans

from Rebecca Murray at About.com.

Links to About.com, since we can't 'host' their vids/interviews


There are many more terrific video and print interviews she's done with Gerry,

be sure to take a look around! (Her video interviews all have transcripts, too.)

A Sunny Side of Scotland

With two movies in theaters and many more on the horizon, actor Gerard Butler is upholding the tradition of such countrymen as Robert Carlyle, John Hannah and Sean Connery.

Posted on Sunday, March 6, 2005 By Pam Grady

Find it here

'I had a lot of anger about not spending my childhood with my father'

Published Date: 08 August 2004

By Catherine Deveney

Find it here

Clips, video interviews found at a UK site here

Interviews with Gerard Butler & Emily Mortimer

and Dirctor Shona Auerbach

Clip - dance

Clip - who gave you the right?

Clip - what are you doing?

Clip - No past no present no future

note: (I find the videos play if I choose Windows Media Player, otherwise the video never finishes 'loading'

Other interviews with Director Shona Auerbach

Streaming audio (Quicktime), click on link: EI

BBC Interview from the Edinburgh Festival

(where DF had it's UK premiere) here

(there's also a clip link - it's for the scene where Frankie is being harrassed by Ricky)

Print interview with Shona Auerbach, Landmark Theatres

Miramax Home Entertainment video here


don't forget to check

Multimedia links for Dear Frankie related interviews

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