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Virtual Con: Video Voting

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Hi Gals :wave:

Since we had no entries for the Virtual Con this year, all virtual con attendees will have a chance to vote on the exact same videos that are being voted on in Las Vegas this year!!!

For your vote to be counted in the Vegas contest, you must PM me (Jenn) your vote by 12:00 Midnight (PDT) on Friday, June 26th. After the online votes are tabulated they will be added to the voting being done at the Vegas Con. I will post the winner here on Sunday after the actual contest is held in Vegas.

Click the links, download and unzip to watch the videos.

The entries are:

"Little Wonders" by Abrock

"The Climb" by BellaWolfe

"Vegas Volver Volver" by Bea

"Wind Beneath my Wings" by RezzRN

Happy viewing and Happy voting!!!

Stuart will re-broadcast tonight, Friday 10PM ET

To CHAT you will need to get a FREE I.D. Simply click "create I.D." at www.justin.tv

To VIEW go to the Gerard Butler Virtual Convention Channel and use 8772 as the "access code."

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OH BOY! Just how we gonna choose out of these vids???? They are all so special in their own way and I'm gonna have to watch them all again and ponder some more! .....walks away shaking head in wonderment...

:wave: Frannie

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In other words.....they are all terrific, going to be difficult to choose,


Anna X


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